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Error handling for Vinyl plugins.


var PluginError = require('plugin-error');
var err = new PluginError('test', {
  message: 'something broke'
var err = new PluginError({
  plugin: 'test',
  message: 'something broke'
var err = new PluginError('test', 'something broke');
var err = new PluginError('test', 'something broke', { showStack: true });
var existingError = new Error('OMG');
var err = new PluginError('test', existingError, { showStack: true });


new PluginError(pluginName, message[, options])

Error constructor that takes:

  • pluginName - a String that should be the module name of your plugin
  • message - a String message or an existing Error object
  • options - an Object of your options


  • By default the stack will not be shown. Set options.showStack to true if you think the stack is important for your error.
  • If you pass an error object as the message the stack will be pulled from that, otherwise one will be created.
  • If you pass in a custom stack string you need to include the message along with that.
  • Error properties will be included in err.toString(), but may be omitted by including { showProperties: false } in the options.