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Lead Maintainer: Jean-Charles Sisk

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A simple logging wrapper for Winston.


var pine = require('pine');
var log = pine();'Hello, world!');
log.error('This Department Has Worked %d Days Without Injury', 0);
[2014-05-22 21:00:39.704 UTC] - info: [26195:index.js] Hello, world!
[2014-05-22 21:00:39.705 UTC] - error: [26195:index.js] This Department Has Worked 0 Days Without Injury


pine([name] [,options])

  • name (optional, String) - If not provided, defaults to file path relative to parent package.
  • options (optional, Object) - Same options as pine.configure. When provided will create logger with provided settings, using configured global settings as defaults.

Invoke pine directly to get a logger instance. The API of the logger is determined by the configured levels, which defaults to npm levels: silly, debug, verbose, info, warn, error. Additionally, there is a log method which accepts the desired level as it's first argument. Each method also supports util.format-like string interpolation.

var log = pine();
log.silly('Uptime: %d days', 10);
log.debug('Helpful information');
log.verbose('More information');'Did you know...');
log.warn('Well, actually...');


  • options - The default options which will be used for all loggers. The options object supports the following optional keys:
    • basedir - The root directory against which relative paths are calculated. Defaults to root of calling module.
    • levels - The winston levels to use. Defaults to npm levels.
    • colors - The colors to use. Defaults to npm colors. whether the client should reject a response from a server with invalid certificates. This cannot be set at the same time as the agent option is set.
    • transports - The transports to use, mapping the transport name to settings. To use external or custom transports see the modules config options.
    • modules - Describe, for registration, the modules which implement the required custom transport.
    • exceptionHandlers - Transports to be used for logging exceptions. An object mapping the transport name to settings.

Set global logging settings, using built-in settings as defaults.

    basedir: __dirname,
    levels: undefined,
    colors: undefined,
    transports: {
        console: {
            level: 'debug'
        mongodb: {
            level: 'info',
            db: 'logs',
            host: '',
            port: '27017'
    modules: {
        mongodb: {
            name: 'winston-mongodb',
            property: 'MongoDB'
    exceptionHandlers: undefined


Read-only property of current global default settings.