13 Packages by tlivings

  • anvil Benchmark suite for hammertime.
  • callermodule Determines the name and other information of the module that called this code.
  • camelscore camelCase and under_score utilities for objects.
  • enjoi Converts json-schema to Joi schema for validation.
  • generator-es6-module Yeoman generator for es6 based node.js modules using babel-runtime.
  • generator-swaggerize Yeoman generator for swagger application with krakenjs/swaggerize tools.
  • hammertime A dead simple operations timer for performance testing.
  • kappa A hierarchical npm-registry proxy to make private registries easier. (Based on npm-delegate by @jden)
  • netstring-stream Netstring reader/writer and streams.
  • swaggerize-builder Swagger based route building.
  • swaggerize-express Design-first REST services with Swagger and Express.
  • swaggerize-hapi Design first API development with Swagger and Hapi.
  • taped Adds easy to use life-cycle functions for tape tests.