Pillars.js web development framework for Node.js

Welcome to Pillars.js, a modular and scalable framework for Web Development in NodeJS.

With a simple and modular approach lets you introduce in Node.js with a soft learning curve, if you're an advanced JS developer, get an organized and efficient environment.

Pillars.js is still an Alpha version. Now we are writing reference, tutorials and refactoring. Available the first stable version of Pillars.js ASAP

If you want to install and test examples, you can do it!. We promise that your computer will not turn into flames ;)

Very soon you'll see Node web development in a different way.

  • HTTP Negotiation

    • Send files with compression, cache control and automatic ranges (streaming compatible and recovery downloads).
    • Parameterized Paths and multi-language.
    • File upload Management (integrated with formidable).
    • Full HTTP Headers parsing, with priority management for headers as accept and languages.
    • Request management by Gangway, wrap for request and response objects of Node.js
    • Automatic control error in handlers.
    • Session support, basic login and users administration.
    • CORS managed by route.
    • Automatic Compression in response.
    • Cookies Management.
  • Controllers and environment

    • Dynamic environment in runtime, allows change the structure while application is running.
    • Nestable controllers by path, give a better functionality organization in routing trees.
    • Plugins allow expand controllers possibilities and modifying the system operation.
    • Integration with EventEmitter Class, allowing an extra level of control.
    • Named controllers, give organization and control over the environment.
  • Database, persistence

    • MongoDB integration.
    • Data modeling embedded in the system (modelator), extensible and focus on API creation.
    • Credentials control at field level, based on keychains.
    • Automatically generating of REST-API based on modelator with a responsive Angular.js interface.
    • Data modeling allow adding own controllers by field, with asynchronous support.
  • Internacionalization

    • Full i18n integration.
    • Translations based in nodes.
    • Attached to each message context and adapts the translation in each case from translation sheets.
    • Translation sheets in JS/JSON, cases, functions and printf allowed.
    • Language management of request automatic.
  • Utils

    • Renderer, adds support to any template engine and cache managed centrally.
    • Logger, allow create log groups and managing associated warehouses to each one.
    • Mailer, send mails (integration with node-mailer)
    • Cron, schedule automated tasks.
  • And...

    • Control panels to manage your project.
    • Generate your own administrative panels and CRUD.
    • Documentation and tutorials in Spanish and English.


  • [en]: [PillarsJS Getting started] (https://github.com/bifuer/pillars/wiki/Pillars.js-Getting-Started)
  • [es]: Comenzando con PillarsJS
  • MIT Licence