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Run and Execute PHP, JS, Ruby, Python 2, Python 3, ASPX, JSP, and CGI in CGI / Shell mode using node.js npm package / module.

Run php scripts like wordpress, drupal, etc with node and cgi counter parts. phpcgijs also builds in a CGIJS library to run any CGI mode / Interpreted language script files, or connect to any web application server proxies, or manage processes in the system.

With Node PHP Embedded (PHPCGIJS), you can leverage the speed of node.js and run all of the widely available php scripts directly inside your node.js web application or site.


npm install phpcgijs --save


  • The process shell module is security agnostic and is dependant on your code.
    • The package accesses the shell to run script executables using the node.js process module. Please consider your security risks based on your executable's/ script's security risks.
  • The proxy module is security agnostic and is dependant on your code.
    • The package has a LAN or WAN network proxy module AND does not create any proxies by its own - unless specified by you. Please consider your custom created proxy's security risks.
  • The package does not use Telemetry, nor Collect data Remotely, nor has Telemetry/Remote based Error collection on its own.
    • The package propogates errors for you to handle or collect errors/ data.

Library Features

Includes CGIJS Library as a dependancy


API for cgijs: require("phpcgijs").cgijs

Usage as require("phpcgijs").cgijs inbuilt dependency library APIs

CGIJS is a all featured library to run any CGI mode / Interpreted language script files, or connect to any web application server proxies, or manage processes in the system.

CGIJS library:

  • Supports running any CGI / Interpreted Language scripts in any OS that runs node.js.
  • Supports both CGI executables as well as proxy to localhost/ remote /embedded servers using proxying of multiple protocols (http, websockets, tcp, udp, socks, ssh, ftp).
  • Supports managing processes like embedded server executables, embedded database executables, or any other embedded/ non-embedded executables
  • Supports working with shell, json, ini, csv, yaml, and xml internally

You can view more about cgijs at or install it directly at npm cgijs


API for cgi: require("phpcgijs").cgi

Usage as require("phpcgijs").cgi inbuilt dependency library APIs

To run php scripts with node js and express create the following script like below:

var express = require("express");
var php = require("./main");
// var php = require("phpcgijs");
var path = require("path");

var app = express();
var p = path.join("test/php");

// options are PHP-CGI command line options and can be found in documentation
// It can also be found in readme-php-options.txt (check for update in docs)
// options ignore -h and --help

app.use("/", php.cgi(p, { cgi_path: "/usr/bin/", options: { "-c": "/etc/php.ini" } }));

// Following is the STRUCTURE for providing the declaration of paths and options:
// app.use("/expresspath", php.cgi("/path/to/phpscript.php", { "cgi_path":"to/php/cgi/path/php-cgi", options: { "-c": "/etc/php.ini" } }))
// app.use("/", php.cgi(
//             "/path/to/phpscript.php",
//             { "options": {"-c": "/to/php/ini/path/php.ini"} }
//         ));
// Following works without a local PHP-CGI path and tries to
//          use PHP-CGI installed in system by default:
// app.use("/", php.cgi("/path/to/phpscript"));
// Following uses a path in second argument defining the local copy of
//          PHP-CGI that you want to use for the application
// app.use("/", php.cgi(
//             "/path/to/phpscript.php",
//             {
//                 "cgi_path":"to/php/cgi/path/php-cgi",
//                 "options": {"-c": "/to/php/ini/path/php.ini"}
//             }
//         ));

app.listen(9090, "");
console.log("Server listening at 9090!");


The script will pipe all files that end in the .php extension through the php parser. All other files will be served as static content. Basic permalinks are supported but the support for them can probably be improved.

You can also use the inbuilt cgijs API using the following features using the require("phpcgijs").cgijs API.


PHPCGIJS was originally a fork of PHPCGIJS was later modified for making this library take dynamic PHP pathing, so that it can run without a PHP (or other interpreted language) distribution installed on a machine. PHPCGIJS can work with an embedded PHP binary distribution. PHPCGIJS was later added with CGIJS to make this library comprehensively support most scripting languages long with running any web application behind a proxy using a webserver.


Inbuilt phpcgijs .cgi usage

  • You need to have the interpreter installed in the system in order to use this extension.
  • Alternatively, You can specify the full path of locally available php-cgi path.
  • If custom path not specified in express, it tries to find the system installed php-cgi executable. If still unavailable, the server errors out.

Inbuilt phpcgijs .cgijs usage

Node CGI Embedded - run interpreted scripts that support cgi using nodejs - .init , .file API
  • [x] CGI file execution - Run any scripts that support CGI based serving/execution
Node Web Proxy - run web proxies using .proxy API
  • [x] Running Proxies - Run any host that serves a web app, using proxy (HTTP, UDP, TCP, Websockets, Socks) and supports websocket implementation in web proxies
Node Processes - Manage web servers, database processes, or other system processes or services using .process API
  • [x] Manage Processes or Services - Allows running and closing process Executables
CGIJS Functionality Details
  • [x] The script should support piping all files of below interpreted languages including Python (2.x, 3.x) - py, Perl (Version Independent) - plc, pld, pl, PHP (Version Independent) - php, Ruby (Version Independent) - rb, Node.js (Version Independent) - js, CGI files - cgi.
  • [x] The script should support piping all proxies of above languages and Jsp (With Tomcat, or any webserver as proxy) , Aspx (With IIS, Apache, or any webserver as proxy), Jsp and Aspx (With Tomcat, Nginx, and Apache embedded)
  • [x] Some sections are pending to be tested but should function normally


Copyright © 2019 - till it works Ganesh B for DesktopCGI

The MIT License (MIT) - See LICENSE for further details.

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