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CGIJS is a all featured library to run any CGI mode / Interpreted language script files, or connect to any web application server proxies, or manage processes in the system.

CGIJS library:

  • Supports running any CGI / Interpreted Language scripts in any OS that runs node.js.
  • Supports both CGI executables as well as proxy to localhost/ remote /embedded servers using proxying of multiple protocols (http, websockets, tcp, udp, socks, ssh, ftp).
  • Supports managing processes like embedded server executables, embedded database executables, or any other embedded/ non-embedded executables
  • Supports working with shell, json, ini, csv, yaml, and xml internally

[Funding Invited]

General Note: The library is production ready. However, please be cautious of processes/executables permissions/security in your project using CGIJS


CGIJS was created with a motivation to allow creation of a Desktop executable/ application using Electron that can run any CGI / Interpreted language scripted files/ applications under the hood.

Desktop CGI


npm install cgijs --save


Light weight, Flexible, Generic implementation. CGIJS is Nodejs Framework Independent / agnostic for application development.

There are three main modules inside CGIJS - file for CGI file execution, proxy for running proxies, and process for managing processes.


  • The process shell module is security agnostic and is dependant on your code.
    • The package accesses the shell to run script executables using the node.js process module. Please consider your security risks based on your executable's/ script's security risks.
  • The proxy module is security agnostic and is dependant on your code and proxy's security.
    • The package has a LAN or WAN network proxy module AND does not create any proxies by its own - unless specified by you. Please consider your custom created proxy's security risks.
  • The package does not use Telemetry, nor Collect data Remotely, nor has Telemetry/Remote based Error collection on its own.
    • The package propogates errors for you to handle or collect errors/ data.

Library Features

Node CGI Embedded - run interpreted scripts that support cgi using nodejs
  • [x] CGI file execution
    • [x] Run any scripts that support CGI based serving/execution
    • [x] Run multiple CGI executables/ Interpreters in one or multiple applications
    • [x] Embed your own CGI/ Interpreted Language executables
Node Web Proxy - run web proxies
  • [x] Running Proxies
    • [x] Run any host that serves a web app, using proxy
    • [x] Run proxies for Application (Local / Remote)
    • [x] Supports websocket implementation in web proxies
    • [x] Run multiple protocol proxies (HTTP, UDP, TCP, Websockets, Socks) and multiple instances in one or multiple applications
Node Processes - Manage web servers, database processes, or other system processes or services
  • [x] Manage Processes or Services
    • [x] Allows running and closing process Executables
    • [x] Allows managing Embedding Web Servers, which can run web applications through proxies [TODO Testing for some embeddable servers]
    • [x] Allows managing Embedded Database servers [TODO Testing for some embeddable databases]
    • [x] Should run smoothly with Unsupported proxy servers/ processes/ services (not widely tested)
  • [x] Embedding
    • [x] Multiple web servers in one or multiple applications
    • [x] Multiple databases in one or multiple applications

Functionality Details

The script should support piping all files of below interpreted languages:
  • [x] Python (2.x, 3.x) - py (for Python .py extension files. Needed for *nix systems)
  • [x] Perl (Version Independent) - plc, pld, pl (for Perl .pl, .plc, .pld extension files)
  • [x] PHP (Version Independent) - php (for .php extension files)
  • [x] Ruby (Version Independent) - rb (for Ruby .rb extension files)
  • [x] Node.js (Version Independent) - js (for Node.js .js extension files)
  • [x] CGI - cgi (for CGI .cgi extension files) [TODO Testing]
The script should support piping all proxies of above languages and following:
  • [x] Jsp (With Tomcat, or any webserver as proxy)
  • [x] Aspx (With IIS, Apache, or any webserver as proxy)
  • [] Jsp (With Tomcat embedded) [TODO]
  • [] Aspx (With Nginx and Apache embedded) [TODO]
The script currently allows working with (starting, stopping, restarting) following web servers:
  • [x] IIS (Allows Proxy) [Done]
  • [x] Nginx (Allows Proxy) [Done]
  • [x] Apache HTTPD (Allows Proxy) [Done]
  • [x] Apache TomCat (Allows Proxy) [Done]
  • [x] Nginx (Allows Embed) [Done]
  • [x] Apache HTTPD (Allows Embed) [Done]
  • [x] Apache TomCat (Allows Embed) [TODO - Testing, should work based on current testing of other proxies]
  • [x] Mongoose (Allows Proxy) [TODO - Testing, should work based on current testing of other proxies]
  • [x] Jetty (Allows Proxy) [TODO - Testing, should work based on current testing of other proxies]
  • [x] Putty (Allows Proxy) [TODO - Testing, should work based on current testing of other proxies]
  • [] Mongoose (Allows Embed) [TODO - Testing]
  • [] Jetty (Allows Embed) [TODO - Testing]
  • [x] Putty (Allows Embed) [TODO - Testing]
  • [x] PHP development server using php -S
  • [x] Ruby development server using rails server [TODO - Testing]
  • [x] Python development server using py -m http.server
  • [x] Other Proxy-able local/remote servers
The script currently allows working with (starting, stopping, restarting) following databases and processes:
  • [x] Mysql [Done]
  • [x] MongoDB [Done]
  • [] PgSQL [TODO]
  • [] Redis [TODO]
  • [x] bash, bat, ps scripts [Done]
  • [x] Other Processes for your application support

This library is in active development. Issues, and feedbacks as github ticket are welcome.

Package Dependencies:
  • Environment and Library dependencies:

  • Application Dependencies:

    • Your app, you decide
    • Example/Demo has "express": "^4.17.1"
    • Alternatively, Use any other Nodejs framework you want to use for your app
Usage Demo:

This project contains example that demonstrates working with ExpressJS.

  • The demos for runing CGI/Interpreted scripts with node.js and express applications can be found in the folder demo app.
  • The demos for individual implementation of file, process, proxy, and utils modules can be found in the folder demo usage [todo]
Use case:

cgijs library has been created to address following use cases:

  • working with CGI / interpreted languages from any Node.js app framework
  • using any CGI / interpreted languages apps with electron as demonstrated in functioning desktop-cgi app

Technical Specifications

... * Wiki links to be added


  • Getting started
    • Quick demo - CGI mode executable files
    • Quick demo - proxying to proxies/servers
    • Quick demo - proxying to proxy's websocket
    • Quick demo - proxying to udp, socks, http to socks proxy's websocket
  • Run CGI files
    • PHP (.php)
    • Perl (Perl any versions - .plc, .pld, .pl)
    • Python (Python2, Python3 - .py)
    • Ruby (.rb)
    • Node.js (.js)
  • Run Proxy servers to connect to:
    • Any Local http/https/websocket Servers
    • Any Remote http/https/websocket Servers
    • Embedded Apache httpd, Apache tomcat, Nginx (http/https/websocket)
    • Embedded Mongoose http server (http/https)
  • Manage Embedded Servers (for desktop-cgi use case):
    • Embedded Apache httpd (http/https/websocket)
    • Embedded Apache tomcat (http/https/websocket)
    • Embedded Mongoose http server (http/https)
    • Embedded Nginx (http/https/websocket)
    • PHP inbuilt web development servers
    • Ruby inbuilt web development servers
    • Python inbuilt web development servers
  • Manage Embedded Database Servers (for desktop-cgi use case):
    • Embedded Mysql
    • Embedded MongoDB
    • Embedded PgSQL
    • Working with SQLite
  • Manage Processes (for desktop-cgi use case):
    • Other Processes or executable workings
  • Run and Manage embedded or non-embedded executables / processes on need for application
  • Working with config.json file for simpler implementation in apps

Current Status

  • In development [Testing for Desktop-CGI use case]
  • In development [Testing for language based development server]


Check .todo file for latest TODO list


The MIT License (MIT) - See LICENSE for further details

Copyright © 2019 - till library works: Ganesh B

Please support the development in github repository through

- feature needs reporting,
- testing,
- issue reporting,
- contribution

Please use these styles for contributions

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