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    path-nice - The elegant and handy alternative to path, fs and glob

    If sometimes you do not feel nice about the original path or fs of Node.js, then just

    All existing code still works, while the path evolves.

    Why this lib?

    One lib does work for two, simplifies the code greatly

    Original ver:

    import path from 'path';
    import fs from 'fs';
    const app = await fs.promises.realpath('./app');
    const publicDir = path.join(app, 'public');
    await fs.promises.writeFile(
        path.join(publicDir, 'manifest.json'),
        JSON.stringify({ name: 'App' }),

    nice ver:

    import path from 'path-nice';
    const app = await path('./app').realpath();
    const publicDir = app.join('public');
    await publicDir.join('manifest.json')
                   .writeJSON({ name: 'App' });

    Especially when you need to import some predefined paths from other modules, path-nice is doubly convenient: instead of importing additional path and fs modules, just import the paths you need, type a dot, and all the methods you need are present.

    Detailed JSDoc, no need to go through docs, examples are all there

    Can bind other filesystem implementations, e.g. memory file system memfs

    import path from 'path-nice';
    import { fs as memfs } from 'memfs';
    const mpath = path
        .posix          // Use POSIX-style paths (memfs only supports POSIX-style)
        .bindFS(memfs); // bind file system
    await mpath('/index.ts')
        .writeFile('export default 42;');

    Metaprogramming, the path is known at compile time

    (Coming soon in version 2.1.0)


    npm install path-nice


    yarn add path-nice
    • Requires: Node.js >= v12.0.0
    • Provided: CommonJS, ESModule and TypeScript typings
    • ESModule version can be used directly in Node.


    Please refer to API Reference.

    3 minutes guide

    Add a pair of () after path to enter "nice" mode.

    import path from 'path-nice'
    const dir = path('./src')

    dir is the instance of class PathNice:

    dir instanceof path.PathNice    // true

    A PathNice instance is a wrapper of the raw path string, so that the path can be easily used to generate additional paths or manipulate files.:

    dir.raw === './src'             // true

    Each PathNice instance is an immutable object, all properties are read-only:

    Object.isFrozen(dir)            // true

    Path related methods

    let f = path('path-nice/src')
    f = f.join('index.ts')           // path('path-nice/src/index.ts')
    // For the following 4 methods: 0 args = get, 1 arg = set
    f.dirname()                     // path('path-nice/src')
    f.dirname('another-dir')        // path('another-dir/index.ts')
    f.filename()                    // 'index.ts'
    f.filename('types.ts')          // path('path-nice/src/types.ts')
    f.ext()                         // '.ts'
    f.ext('.js')                    // path('path-nice/src/index.js')
    f.separaotr()                   // '/'
    f.separaotr('\\')               // path('path-nice\\src\\index.ts')
    // .parent is an alias for .dirname(), can get the path to the parent directory
    f.parent.raw === f.dirname().raw // true
    const f2 = f.parent.parent.join('package.json')
    f2.raw                          // 'path-nice/package.json'
    f2.isAbsolute()                 // false
    f2.toAbsolute()                 // path('/work/path-nice/package.json'), suppose cwd is '/work'
    // Use .realpath() to get the absolute path and resolve the
    // soft links that may exist in the path at the same time.
    await f2.realpath()             // path('/project/path-nice/package.json')
                                    // suppose cwd is '/work', and '/work' points to '/project'
    f2.toRelative('path-nice/docs') // path('../package.json')
    f2.prefixFilename('old.')       // path('path-nice/old.package.json')
    f2.postfixBeforeExt('.old')     // path('path-nice/package.old.json')
    f2.postfix('.old')              // path('path-nice/package.json.old')

    For more path-related methods, see docs of PathNice.

    File system related methods

    It can be noted that, many functions in the fs module, such as readFile and writeFile, almost always have path as their first parameter. path-nice rewrites them as member methods of class PathNice, and makes it easier to call them by automatically filling this parameter with the current path.

    Most of the following methods are asynchronous methods, returning a Promise. Add the suffix Sync to the function names to get their synchronous versions.

    Read and write

    • readFile

    • readFileToString: Same as readFile, but guaranteed to return a string. Default: UTF-8

    • readJSON: read the file, then parse as json. Default: UTF-8

    • writeFile

    • writeJSON: Serialize the json object, then write it to the file. Default: UTF-8, 4 spaces as indent

    • outputFile: Same as writeFile, automatically create the parent directory if it does not exist

    • outputJSON: Same as writeJSON, automatically create the parent directory if it does not exist

    • updateFileAsString

      Execute a function to quickly update a file.


      await path('')
          .updateFileAsString(str => str.replace(/path/g, 'path-nice'))
    • updateJSON

      Execute a function to quickly update a JSON file.


      await path('package.json')
          .updateJSON(json => { json.version = '1.0.0' })
    • appendFile

    • createReadStream

    • createWriteStream

    • open

    Copy, move and remove

    Directories containing files can also be copied, moved, or deleted directly. Supports moving files across devices.

    • copy
    • move
    • remove
    • delete: Alias of remove
    • rename
    • emptyDir: Empty the folder, and ensure it exists


    Ensure the directory or file exists. If it doesn't, create it automatically.

    • emptyDir: Empty the folder, and ensure it exists
    • ensureDir
    • ensureFile

    Is ... ?

    • isDir
    • isEmptyDir
    • isFile
    • isSymbolicLink
    • exists

    List directory contents

    • ls: Returns Promise<{ dirs: PathNiceArr, files: PathNiceArr }>, directories and files already sorted out, all absolute paths, easier to use
    • readdir


    • watchWithChokidar: use npm package chokidar to watch files, API is more friendly and powerful
    • watch
    • watchFile
    • unwatchFile

    File info

    • fileSize: Get the file size, including the size in B, KB, MB, GB, etc.
    • fileMode: Gets the file mode
    • fileOwner: Get the file owner
    • chmod
    • chown
    • lchown
    • stat
    • lstat


    When multiple arguments are passed to path(), or an array, it returns a PathNiceArr:

    import path from 'path-nice';
    let arr = path('./', './package.json', './tsconfig.json');

    class PathNiceArr is a subclass of class Array. The methods of Array can be called in a normal way:

    arr = arr.filter(f => f.ext() === '.json')
    // PathNiceArr [
    //     PathNice { raw: './package.json' },
    //     PathNice { raw: './tsconfig.json' },
    // ]

    It also adds some additional methods to holistically manipulate files in the array:

    await arr.copyToDir('. /json-config'); // each file in arr is copied to the json-config directory

    If arr.base is set, the files will maintain their directory structure relative to base when copying or moving files. When not set, files are copied or moved one by one. For example:

    Assuming cwd = /work, and ./src contains the following files:
        ├── lib/
        │   ├── jquery.js
        │   └── types.ts
        └── index.ts
    const { dirs, files } = await path('./src').ls(/* recursive */ true);
    // PathNiceArr(3) [
    //     PathNice { raw: '/work/src/index.ts' },
    //     PathNice { raw: '/work/src/lib/jquery.js' },
    //     PathNice { raw: '/work/src/lib/types.ts' },
    //     base: PathNice { raw: '/work/src' }
    // ]
    await files.copyToDir('dist');
    The directory structure of dist at this point:
        ├── lib/
        │   ├── jquery.js
        │   └── types.ts
        └── index.ts
    await path('dist').emptyDir();  // empty the dist directory
    files.base = undefined;         // clear base
    await files.copyToDir('dist');
    The directory structure of dist at this point:
        ├── jquery.js
        ├── types.ts
        └── index.ts

    For detailed usage of PathNiceArr, see docs of PathNiceArr.


    npm i path-nice

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