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The e2e plugin executes Protractor tests. The Protractor tests are placed in the /test/e2e folder. There can be two types of files in this folder. The files with the suffix .spec.js which contains the test scripts specified with the jasmine framwork. The other type of files are the .page.js files which are the the page objects which are generic interfaces to the pages.

In the /reports folder the xml output file of the test cases will be placed after running the tests.

Grunt Modules

The following Grunt modules are loaded and configured to build and package angular modules

  • jasmine-reporters : ~1.0.0,
  • grunt-contrib-watch: 0.6.1,
  • grunt-protractor-runner: 1.0.0,
  • packer-core: 0.0.3

Grunt Task

The following Grunt tasks are registered to build and run angular modules.

  • e2e
  • e2e:run

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