10 Packages by wilmveel

  • corpapp-grunt-app corpapp-grunt-app
  • element-builder Plugin to convert ui definitions in json to html
  • grunt-analyze-angula... Grunt task that analyze your angular code.
  • packer-analyze packer-analyze
  • packer-app packer-app
  • packer-core packer-core
  • packer-doc packer-doc ========== The doc plugin executes JSDoc documentation generation. The documentation is generated in the /doc folder. Any .js files under /src/app (and its sub-folders) will be scanned by JSDoc. The project's /README.md will be added as wel
  • packer-e2e packer-e2e ========== The e2e plugin executes Protractor tests. The Protractor tests are placed in the /test/e2e folder. There can be two types of files in this folder. The files with the suffix .spec.js which contains the test scripts specified with th
  • packer-module packer-module
  • packer-unit packer-unit ========== The unit plugin runs all javascript unit tests. The scripts are located in the folder /test/unit. Common for unit testing is that the same structure is used as the app folder. For every source file a coresponding test file is spec