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Validate packages inconsistenciesinconsistencies to protect your production environments from unexpected dependencies versions.

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Prevent common situations (mainly when working on a dev team):

  • Dev sometimes includes open wide version ranges on package.json, that later will be installed a most recent on your build/production environment and break your project
  • Some devs on team uses npm to install packages while others uses yarn, causing a lock file inconsistency, probably breaking your build/production environment with messages like "Your project contains lock files generated by tools other than Yarn"
  • Versions being updated on package.json file, without calling a yarn or npm install after that, to replicate that version to lock file

Default rules:

  • Disallow to have a versions range (ex: ^1.0.4 or 1.0.x) other than specific version (ex: 1.0.4) on package dependencies
  • Disallow to have package-lock.json and yarn.lock at same time
  • Disallow to have different hashed versions on package.json and yarn.lock file

Other rules could be added, suggest it on the issues.


Install globally:

yarn global add package-locks-checks


npm install -g package-locks-checks 

Or run with npx:

npx package-locks-checks


To force check with all default validator just run


This will validate all rules and return success if everything is ok.

. . .

To check on a different folder you can run

package-locks-checks --basePath './api'


Param                                     Default        Description
-pm, --packageManager <npm,yarn,pnpm>     yarn           Select packageManager
-p, --basePath <path>                     ./             Base path to load package files
-f, --packageFile <filename>              ./package.json Full path to package.json file
-r, --allowRange <boolean>                false          Allow to have a range (ex: 1 or 1.x or ^1.0.4) other than specific version (ex: 1.0 or 1.0.4) on package dependencies
-mlf, --allowMultipleLockFiles <boolean>  false          Allow to have package-lock.json and yarn.lock at same time', false)
-uyl, --allowUnmatchedYarnLock <boolean>  false          Allow to have different hashed versions on package.json and yarn.lock file', false)

Exit codes

0 = No errors
1 = Errors were founds in the package-lock.json files
2 = Folder or package.json was not found

To be implemented

  • Detect "preferred" package manager, to validate npm issues as well
  • Validate package-lock.json with package.lock versions
  • Use hasLockfile to validate multiple lock files
  • Auto publish package on npm when merging do main
  • Update exit codes with 2 other than 1 when folder missing
  • Check for yarn.lock before integrity yarn check, pnpm-lock.yaml with pnpm, and so

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