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Tools v1.3.149-347

This is an open source project. Just code. If you like this code, please add a star in GitHub and you really like, you can donate as well. Thanks you so much!

Given, I have my own server, with dynamic IP address, it could happen that the server for about max 5 minutes can not be reachable for the dynamic DNS or very rarely I backup with Clonzilla the SSD or something with the electricity (too much hoovering or cleaning - but I worked on it, so should not happen again), but for some reason, it is not reachable please hang on for 5-30 minutes and it will be back for sure.

All my domains ( and could have errors right now, since I am developing in my free time and you can catch glitches, but usually it is stable (imagine updating everything always, which is weird).

Node Version Requirement


Built on Node


The async and await keywords are required.

Install NodeJs:


This is an internal tool program (p3x) to manage a recursive async and serial command for NPM packages.


sudo npm install -g p3x-tools --unsafe-perm=true --allow-root


All folders exclude node_modules and bower_components except it is included.

p3x docker clean # delete images the have exited 
p3x docker clear # delete all images in docker 
p3x docker free # delete exited containers 
p3x pkg yarn install | <command> # installs recursive every project that has a package.json 
p3x build yarn install  | <command>  # install recursive every package that has a corifeus-builder 
p3x npm unpublish # unpublish every package from NPM except the last Minor version (Major.Minor.Build-Commit) 
p3x link # links every recursive given package together 
p3x git <command> # you can execute a command on every git dir, recursive 
p3x rm <folder> # remove recursive the given folder 
p3x ncu -a # updates recursive all packages 
p3x git pull # recursive pull every folder 
p3x git push # recursive push every folder 
p3x git renew|truncate # remote all commits, from #1231 commit to #1 
p3x git init repo-name # .git is not required, is auto added, post-update is generated so it is my own, specific for the server git repo (it adds in the webhook), the names are only lower cased forcefully a-z, digit and dash. 

and more ...

If you want the commands is serials, add the -s or --serial flag, otherwise all async.

etc ...

Dependencies Fix

Default excludes from GitHub:

Github fork upstream

1 . Clone your fork:

git clone

2 . Add remote from original repository in your forked repository:

cd into/cloned/fork-repo  
git remote add upstream git://  
git fetch upstream  

3 . Updating your fork from original repo to keep up with their changes:

git pull upstream master

Warning / deprecate

npm deprecate <pkg>[@<version>] <message>
// or better
npm deprecate my-thing@"< 0.2.3" "critical bug fixed in v0.2.3"

Really make a bare repo to smaller

git gc --prune=now --aggressive

Show available versions on NPM

# for example 
npm show p3x-angular-compile versions --json

P3X-TOOLS Build v1.3.149-347

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