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A web-based html5 / node.js app to control OS X system volume from iPhone, Android, etc

OS X WiFi Volume Remote

A web-based html5 / node.js app to control OS X system volume from iPhone, Android, etc


Installation & Usage

  1. Get Node.js

  2. Open Terminal

  3. Install osx-wifi-volume-remote like so

     npm install -g osx-wifi-volume-remote
  4. Start the server like so (and note that it shows the name of your computer)

     osx-wifi-volume-server 4040
  5. Type the http://<your-computer-name>.local:4040/ whatever onto your phone's browser

  6. Enjoy controlling your MacBook's volume over wifi!

API Example

npm install osx-wifi-volume-remote

(function () {
  'use strict';
  var applvol = require('osx-wifi-volume-remote')
  // All callbacks have the same arguments 
  applvol.get(function (err, volume, muted) {
    console.log('Volume is set to ' + volume + '% and is ' + (muted ? '' : 'not ') + 'muted');


  • get(cb) read the current volume level and mute status
  • fade(cb, level, duration) specify a volume level to fade to
  • fadeBy(cb, difference, duration) specify a positive or negative difference in volume to fade to
  • mute(cb, duration) fades to 0, mutes, then restores volume while muted
  • unmute(cb, duration) sets volume to 0, unmutes, then fades back in to volume level
  • set(cb, level) hard set a volume without fading
  • all callbacks have the arguments err, volume, muted

NOTE: The callbacks all must come first (it was just easier to write the code that way).


If you want to develop, here's the clone and build process:

git clone
pushd osx-wifi-volume-remote
npm install -g jade
jade browser/index.jade; mv browser/index.html public/
npm install
node app 4040


I had to learn a bit of AppleScript to get this all together. I'll give the gist of it below an you can also read the article on my blog.

# Check volume level and mute status
osascript -e "output volume of (get volume settings) & output muted of (get volume settings)"
# Mute
osascript -e "set volume with output muted"
# Unmute
osascript -e "set volume without output muted"
# Mute status
osascript -e "output muted of (get volume settings)"
# Set volume by 100ths
osascript -e "set volume output volume 51 --100%"
# Set to 0% without muting (the secret lowest possible setting)
osascript -e "set volume without output muted output volume 0 --100%"
# Set to non-0 without unmuting
osascript -e "set volume with output muted output volume 42 --100%"
# Decrement the current volume by 1
osascript -e "set volume output volume (output volume of (get volume settings) - 1) --100%"

It turns out that AppleScript takes about 80ms to start up and run, so for the fade I actually create a file with the whole loop unrolled and it looks like this:

set volume without output muted output volume 18 --100%
delay 0.033
set volume without output muted output volume 17 --100%
delay 0.033
set volume without output muted output volume 16 --100%