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An extended and smarter version of UI5 MockServer for meaningful mock data.

OpenUI5 Smart MockServer uses the open source library Faker.js to generate better fake data for testing your app or for a demo. You can use any available method in Faker.js.

Smart data can be automatically generated based on OData SAP Semantics Annotations. You don't need to code anything, just run Smart MockServer with a metadata.xml containing SAP Semantics Annotations. In case your metadata.xml doesn't have SAP Semantics annotations, you can set Smart Rules manually mapping the OData property to a Faker.js method.

Regular MockServer: just a bunch of texts and numbers Regular MockServer

Smart MockServer: meaningful data, better for tests and presentations to customer Smart MockServer">

OData SAP Semantics Annotations

OData SAP Semantic Annotations tell which of the OData properties contain e.g. a phone number, a part of a name or address, or something related to a calendar event or an analytic query. This is important for apps running on mobile devices that want to seamlessly integrate into contacts, calendar, and telephony.

Smart MockServer will generate data for these properties automatically, but not for all of them, have a look at the demo to see the supported sap:semantics annotations.


For any references, please follow


Faker.js methods:


You can check out a live demo here:

And for a live demo using ServiceWorker:

Project Structure

  • demo - Library's live demo
  • demo-sw - Library's live demo with ServiceWorker
  • dist - Distribution folder which contains the library ready to use
  • src - Development folder
  • test - Testing framework for the library

Getting started


Install openui5-smart-mockserver as an npm module

$ npm install openui5-smart-mockserver

Configure manifest.json

Add the library to sap.ui5/dependencies/libs and set its path in sap.ui5/resourceRoots in your manifest.json file, as follows:

  "sap.ui5": {
    "dependencies": {
      "libs": {
        "openui5.smartmockserver": {}
    "resourceRoots": {
      "openui5.smartmockserver": "./FOLDER_WHERE_YOU_PLACED_THE_LIBRARY/openui5/smartmockserver/"

How to use

You can use Smart MockServer just like you use your old MockServer! Import openui5-smart-mockserver to your UI5 controller using sap.ui.define or sap.ui.require:

  ], function (SmartMockServer) {
    'use strict';
    return {
      init: function() {
        const metadataUrl = 'local/path/to/the/file/metadata.xml';
        const mockServerUrl = 'odata/service/url';
        const mockServer = new SmartMockServer({ rootUri: mockServerUrl });
        // You only need to call this method in case your metadata.xml doesn't have sap:semantics annotations
        // and you want to create nice data for the OData property
          autoRespond: true,
          autoRespondAfter: 1
        mockServer.simulate(metadataUrl, {
          bGenerateMissingMockData: true
      _getSmartRules: function() {
      //Here we define the smart rules for entity's properties
        const smartRules = []; //Smart rules must be an array with objects such as the following example
          entityName: 'Employee', //Entity Name
          properties: [
              name: 'FirstName', // Entity's property name
              fakerMethod: 'name.firstName' //Faker.js method which will be used for this property
            { name: 'Address', fakerMethod: 'address.streetAddress' },
            { name: 'Phone', fakerMethod: 'phone.phoneNumber' },
            { name: 'Email', fakerMethod: '' }
        return smartRules;


Mauricio Lauffer


This project is licensed under the MIT License - see the LICENSE file for details


npm i openui5-smart-mockserver

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