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GPT CLI to auto-generate impressive commits in 1 second

Killing lame commits with AI 🤯🔫

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OpenCommit example

All the commits in this repo are done with OpenCommit — look into the commits to see how OpenCommit works. Emoji and long commit description text is configurable.


  1. Install OpenCommit globally to use in any repository:

    npm install -g opencommit
  2. Get your API key from OpenAI. Make sure you add payment details, so API works.

  3. Set the key to OpenCommit config:

    opencommit config set OPENAI_API_KEY=<your_api_key>

    Your api key is stored locally in ~/.opencommit config file.


You can call OpenCommit directly to generate a commit message for your staged changes:

git add <files...>

You can also use the oc shortcut:

git add <files...>


Preface commits with emoji 🤠

GitMoji convention is used.

To add emoji:

oc config set emoji=true

To remove emoji:

oc config set emoji=false

Postface commits with descriptions of changes

To add descriptions:

oc config set description=true

To remove description:

oc config set description=false

Internationalization support

To specify the language used to generate commit messages:

# de, German ,Deutsch
oc config set language=de
oc config set language=German
oc config set language=Deutsch

# fr, French, française
oc config set language=fr
oc config set language=French
oc config set language=française

The default language set is English
All available languages are currently listed in the i18n folder

Git flags

The opencommit or oc commands can be used in place of the git commit -m "${generatedMessage}" command. This means that any regular flags that are used with the git commit command will also be applied when using opencommit or oc.

oc --no-verify

is translated to :

git commit -m "${generatedMessage}" --no-verify

Ignore files

You can ignore files from submission to OpenAI by creating a .opencommitignore file. For example:


This is useful for preventing opencommit from uploading artifacts and large files.

By default, opencommit ignores files matching: *-lock.* and *.lock

Git hook

You can set OpenCommit as Git prepare-commit-msg hook. Hook integrates with you IDE Source Control and allows you edit the message before commit.

To set the hook:

oc hook set

To unset the hook:

oc hook unset

To use the hook:

git add <files...>
git commit

Or follow the process of your IDE Source Control feature, when it calls git commit command — OpenCommit will integrate into the flow.


You pay for your own requests to OpenAI API. OpenCommit uses ChatGPT official model, that is ~10x times cheaper than GPT-3 and ~6x times cheaper than GPT-4.


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