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Olympus Hera library is a part of Olympus WordPress framework. It contains all jQuery scripts and Less styles to make your WordPress admin panel works with the Olympus Zeus library.
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WordPress admin panel themes

The Olympus Hera library provides 4 WordPress admin panel themes you can set in your profile. You can use them easily by installing the Olympus Zeus library in your WordPress theme.

Olympus ~ Earth Olympus ~ Earth theme
Olympus ~ Ocean Olympus ~ Ocean theme
Olympus ~ Vulcan Olympus ~ Vulcan theme
Olympus ~ Wind Olympus ~ Wind theme

Package manager

bower install --save olympus.hera
npm install olympus.hera


In each script folder in the ./src/js/ directory, a README.md file has been created.
You can use all scripts independently, according to their dependencies.


To learn more about the Olympus Hera library, read the docs.
The Olympus Hera uses ReadMe.io which was built entirely on Open Source projects.

All we need is looooooooooooove :)

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Guys, do not hesitate to spread your love about the Olympus Hera library and the Olympus WordPress framework ;)

Authors and Copyright

Achraf Chouk

Please, read LICENSE (MIT) for more details.

Built with ♥ by Achraf Chouk ~ (c) since 2015.


npm i olympus.hera

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