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OpenLayers is a high-performance, feature-packed library for creating interactive maps on the web. It can display map tiles, vector data and markers loaded from any source on any web page. OpenLayers has been developed to further the use of geographic information of all kinds. It is completely free, Open Source JavaScript, released under the BSD 2-Clause License.

Getting Started

Install the ol package:

npm install ol

Import just what you need for your application:

import Map from 'ol/Map';
import View from 'ol/View';
import TileLayer from 'ol/layer/Tile';
import XYZ from 'ol/source/XYZ';

new Map({
  target: 'map',
  layers: [
    new TileLayer({
      source: new XYZ({
        url: 'https://tile.openstreetmap.org/{z}/{x}/{y}.png'
  view: new View({
    center: [0, 0],
    zoom: 2

See the following examples for more detail on bundling OpenLayers with your application:

For more detail on quick prototyping without the use of a Node.js based setup, see the Skypack example.


OpenLayers appreciates contributions of all kinds. We especially want to thank our fiscal sponsors who contribute to ongoing project maintenance.

Pozi logo

Pozi helps connect communities through spatial thinking. We love Openlayers and it forms a core part of our platform. https://pozi.com/ https://app.pozi.com/

yey'maps logo

yey'maps is a scalable cloud GIS suite that is developed with the powerful Openlayers API and the GDAL library. https://www.yeymaps.io/

ela-compil logo

We develop leading Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) software. OpenLayers is the core of our map engine and we love it! https://ela.pl/

Ubigu Oy logo

We advance holistic utilization and availability of spatial information, for a better planned, built and managed society. https://www.ubigu.fi/

Scribble Maps logo

Build custom maps and identify insights across real estate, engineering, research, business, exploration, construction, manufacturing - and so much more. https://www.scribblemaps.com/

See our GitHub sponsors page or Open Collective if you too are interested in becoming a regular sponsor.

TypeScript support

The ol package includes auto-generated TypeScript declarations as *.d.ts files.

Supported Browsers

OpenLayers runs on all modern browsers (with greater than 1% global usage). This includes Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge. For older browsers, polyfills will likely need to be added.


Check out the hosted examples, the workshop or the API documentation.


Please use the GitHub issue tracker for all bugs and feature requests. Before creating a new issue, do a quick search to see if the problem has been reported already.


Please see our guide on contributing if you're interested in getting involved.


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