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    Observables + Redux + JSON API

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    This library is intended for use in web applications build on Redux, which consumes data from a JSON API.

    Use observable-redux-json-api to have one simple way of storing resource objects in Redux state along with it's CRUD API, which provides easy ways to create, read, update and delete resources.

    observable-redux-json-api is a library based on redux-json-api (big thanks to them).

    The main difference is that instead of Promises it uses RxJS Observables for all its CRUD methods.

    Observables give you better control of the network requests compared to promises. You can for example easily cancel or retry the requests using RxJS.

    Why should you use observable-redux-json-api instead of redux-json-api?

    ✓ Compatible with Typescript (includes type definitions).
    ✓ ECMAScript 5 compatible, no need to add polyfills for browsers that do not support ECMAScript 6.
    ✓ You can easily cancel or retry network requests using RxJS.
    ✓ Compatible with redux-observable.

    Table of contents

    1. Set-Up & Configure
    2. API
    3. Example app
    4. Typescript example app


    npm i observable-redux-json-api

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