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mongodb objectid utilities


mongodb objectid utilities

1.x is probably the version you want to use in a browser. 3.x focuses on compatibility with the npm mongodb driver.

$ npm install objectid
var objectid = require('objectid')

var id = objectid()

// => true

// => false

objectid.isValid returns true for mongodb native driver ObjectID objects, or any other representations with a .toString method which returns the hex string encoding of a valid objectid.

Calling objectid with an existing objectid - whether a string, an object created by this module, an objectid created by another driver (such as the result of a query) - will cast the value to an instanceof this module. It will throw if the argument is not a valid ObjectId.

Curried to support creating equality predicates.

From package root:

$ npm install
$ npm test

jden @leJDen

MIT. (c) 2013 Agile Diagnosis See