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Creating Swagger / Open API Spec files is hard. This makes it easier.


npm install oas -g


Go to a directory with your API, and type:

oas init

It will walk you through how to document your API with Open API Initiave.

Swagger Inline

Rather than trying to juggle one gigantic repo, oas uses something called swagger-inline. It lets you include a little swagger snippet in a comment above your code, and collects them all together into one Swagger file:

 * @api [get] /pet/{petId}
 * description: "Returns all pets from the system that the user has access to"
 * parameters:
 *   - (path) petId=hi* {String} The pet ID
 *   - (query) limit {Integer:int32} The number of resources to return

You need to start with @api [method] path, but everything below it is a valid Swagger Path Definition.

You can also do inline parameters, which are shorthand for parameters. They aren't valid Swagger, however Swagger Inline knows how to compile them:

- (in) name=default* {type:format} Description

Host your Swagger file

Hosting Swagger files is hard! So, we have an online component that hosts your Swagger file for you. Just type the following to get a URL:

oas host

This will upload your Swagger file and give you a URL you can use.