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A task runner for @nrwl/nx that uses an Azure Blob Storage as a remote cache. This enables all team members and CI servers to share a single cache. The concept and benefits of computation caching are explained in the NX documentation.

This package was built with nx-remotecache-custom 🙌


npm install --save-dev nx-remotecache-azure
Parameter Description Environment Variable / .env nx.json
Connection String Connect to an Azure Storage blob via a single URL. NXCACHE_AZURE_CONNECTION_STRING connectionString
Container SAS URL Connect to an Azure Storage blob via a single container SAS URL. NXCACHE_AZURE_SAS_URL sasUrl
Account Name Use together with Account Key for Azure Credentials Authentication NXCACHE_AZURE_ACCOUNT_NAME accountName
Account Key Use together with Account Name for Azure Credentials Authentication NXCACHE_AZURE_ACCOUNT_KEY accountKey
Container Required. Specify which container should be used for storing the cache. NXCACHE_AZURE_CONTAINER container
Azure URL Optional. Can be used to overwrite Azure URL for local debugging. NXCACHE_AZURE_URL azureUrl
Azure AD Auth Use together with Account Name for Azure Active Directory Authentication. NXCACHE_AZURE_AD_AUTH adAuth
  "tasksRunnerOptions": {
    "default": {
      "runner": "nx-remotecache-azure",
      "options": {
        // All of the azure specific options can also be inserted via environment variables! ⬆️
        "accountName": "MyAzureAccountName",
        "accountKey": "my-azure-account-key-11223-22..",
        "container": "nx",
        "cacheableOperations": ["build", "test", "lint", "e2e"]

Run it 🚀

Running tasks should now show the storage or retrieval from the remote cache:

Built Angular Package
 - from: /Users/name/example-workspace/libs/example-lib
 - to:   /Users/name/example-workspace/dist/libs/example-lib
Stored output to remote cache: Azure Blob Storage
Hash: d3d2bea71ea0f3004304c5cc88cf91be50b02bb636ebbdfcc927626fd8edf1ae

Advanced Configuration

Option Environment Variable / .env Description
name NXCACHE_NAME Set to provide task runner name for logging. Overrides name provided in implementation.
verbose Set to receive full stack traces whenever errors occur. Best used for debugging. Default: false
silent Set to mute success and info logs. Default: false
read NXCACHE_READ Set to enable / disable reading from the remote cache. Default: true
write NXCACHE_WRITE Set to enable / disable writing to the remote cache. Default: true
dotenv Set to false to disable reading .env into process.env. Default: true
dotenvPath Set to read .env files from a different folder.
"tasksRunnerOptions": {
  "default": {
    "options": {
      "name": "My Storage",
      "verbose": true,
      "silent": true

All Custom Runners

Runner Storage
nx-remotecache-azure  Azure Blob Storage
nx-remotecache-minio  MinIO Storage

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