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    nwb is a toolkit for:

    A zero-config development setup is provided, but nwb also supports configuration and plugin modules which add extra functionality (e.g. Sass support), should you need them


    Installing globally provides an nwb command for quick development and working with projects.

    npm install -g nwb

    Note: if you're using npm 5 and getting an EACCES: permission denied error from nwb's PhantomJS dependency while installing globally, try passing an --unsafe-perm flag:

    npm install -g --unsafe-perm nwb

    To use nwb's tooling in a project, install it as a devDependency and use nwb commands in package.json "scripts":

    npm install --save-dev nwb
      "scripts": {
        "start": "nwb serve-react-app",
        "build": "nwb build-react-app"

    Quick Development

    For quick development with React, Inferno, Preact or vanilla JavaScript, use the nwb react, nwb inferno, nwb preact or nwb webcommands.

    import React, {Component} from 'react'
    export default class App extends Component {
      render() {
        return <h1>Hello world!</h1>
    $ nwb react run app.js
    ✔ Installing react and react-dom
    Starting Webpack compilation...
    Compiled successfully in 5033 ms.
    The app is running at http://localhost:3000/
    $ nwb react build app.js
    ✔ Building React app
    File size after gzip:
      dist\app.cff417a3.js  46.72 KB

    See Quick Development with nwb for a more detailed guide.

    React Apps

    Use nwb new react-app to create a React app skeleton, preconfigured with npm scripts which use nwb for development:

    nwb new react-app my-app
    cd my-app/
    npm start

    Open localhost:3000, start editing the code and changes will be hot-reloaded into the running app.

    npm test will run the app's tests and npm run build will create a production build.

    See Developing React Apps with nwb for a more detailed guide.

    Preact Apps

    Use nwb new preact-app to create a Preact app skeleton:

    nwb new preact-app my-app

    Inferno Apps

    Use nwb new inferno-app to create an Inferno app skeleton:

    nwb new inferno-app my-app

    Vanilla JavaScript Apps

    Use nwb new web-app to create a vanilla JavaScript app skeleton:

    nwb new web-app my-app

    React Components and Libraries

    nwb new react-component my-component
    cd my-component/

    npm start will run a demo app you can use to develop your component or library against.

    npm test will run the project's tests and npm run build will create ES5, ES modules and UMD builds for publishing to npm.

    See Developing React Components and Libraries with nwb for a more detailed guide.

    npm Modules for the Web

    nwb new web-module my-module
    cd my-module/

    npm test will run the project's tests and npm run build will create ES5, ES modules and UMD builds for publishing to npm.



    Why use nwb?

    Get started quickly. Start developing from a single .js file or generate a project skeleton.

    Covers the whole development cycle. Development tools, testing and production builds for projects work out of the box, no configuration required.

    Flexible. While everything works out of the box, you can also use an optional configuration file to tweak things to your liking.

    Manages key development dependencies and configuration for you. Check out an example of the effect using nwb had on the amount of devDependencies and configuration to be managed in a real project it was dropped into.

    MIT Licensed

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