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    NewsWhip Style Guide

    A library of components based on Bootstrap Sass 3.x


    npm i --save nw-style-guide

    Alternatively, the styles are available via cdn at{{version}}/styles.css



    In your SASS file:

    // Import your own app variables
    @import './variables.scss';
    // Import the entire NewsWhip style guide
    @import "node_modules/nw-style-guide/sass/styles.scss";

    This functions as a drop-in replacement for the styles of Bootstrap SASS 3.x.

    If you wish to import only specific parts of the style guide you first need to import the core library.

    // Import the core (required) files
    @import "node_modules/nw-style-guide/sass/src/functions/functions";
    @import "node_modules/nw-style-guide/sass/src/mixins/mixins";
    @import "node_modules/nw-style-guide/sass/src/variables";
    // Now you include the specific section of the style guide you require
    @import "node_modules/nw-style-guide/sass/src/labels";
    @import "node_modules/nw-style-guide/sass/src/forms";



    • bootstrap/variables
    • bootstrap/breadcrumbs
    • bootstrap/carousel
    • bootstrap/glyphicons
    • bootstrap/jumbotron
    • bootstrap/pager
    • bootstrap/panels
    • bootstrap/progress-bars
    • bootstrap/wells


    • relative-weight
    • shadows
    • toasts
    • pills
    • picker


    • bootstrap/button-groups
    • bootstrap/modals
    • bootstrap/tooltip
    • bootstrap/table
    • bootstrap/pagination

    Drop-in replacements

    • bootstrap/buttons
    • bootstrap/close
    • bootstrap/dropdowns
    • bootstrap/labels
    • bootstrap/list-group
    • bootstrap/navs
    • bootstrap/scaffolding
    • bootstrap/popovers
    • bootstrap/forms
    • bootstrap/type
    • bootstrap/print

    Development and release process

    1. Create a new feature branch off master
    2. Implement feature / fix in feature branch
    3. Create pull request
    4. PR is approved
    5. Build the Github Pages demo in the feature branch
      • npm run ghpages
      • Make sure to git add --all not to end up with untracked files
      • Commit with message build:ghpages
      • Push changes
      • npm version {{version_type}} to bump the version. The bump is automatically committed.
      • Push changes
    6. Merge pull request to master
    7. After merging to master, checkout master
    8. Publish the new package version to npm with npm run package:release
      • npm run package:release first runs the package:build script
      • it then publishes the built files to npm


    We use several npm scripts to generate modules, components and directives. The following is an example of creating a tabs module, component, and directive.

    > npm run g:module tabs

    > npm run g:component tabs

    > npm run g:directive tabs

    This is now what our src directory looks like

    src directory

    Library publication

    This final step in the release process above is

    Publish the updated package to the npm repository

    We don't want to publish all our assets to npm, only the assets required by the consumer. In order to achieve this we run our release script which builds the required files to the distribution folder.

    > npm run package:release

    This script does a few things:

    1. It runs the build.js script which does the following
      • Cleans the distribution folder
      • Compiles each Angular module with ngc using the specific for that module
      • Copies the sass folder
      • Copies the
    2. Copies the package.json file
    3. Updates the copied package.json private property to false
    4. Publishes the distribution folder to npm

    Publication will fail if the version in package.json has not been updated.

    Github pages

    We use Github pages to continuously deploy the application. When Github detects a change to the /docs folder in master, a redeployment takes place.

    We can build the /docs folder for Github pages by running npm run ghpages.

    It's important to rebuild the /docs folder before branches are merged to master. Otherwise new features or fixes won't be visible on our demo site on Github Pages. As part of a pull request the /docs folder should be rebuilt using npm run ghpages

    Local server

    Run ng serve for a dev server. Navigate to http://localhost:4200/. The app will automatically reload if you change any of the source files.


    Run ng build to build the project. The build artifacts will be stored in the dist/ directory. Use the -prod flag for a production build.

    Building local versions

    Sometimes we won't want to release a beta version for testing changes, namely when making extensive changes that require continuous local testing inside the product. For this purpose we can run the make-local-tgz script and use it as follows:

    • Make a .tgz package of Style Guide by running npm run package:make-local-tgz.
    • Copy absolute path of newly built .tgz package from console logs.
    • Paste it into the product's (e.g. Spike's) package.json file in place of the current nw-style-guide version to test your SG changes locally, without the need to publish a beta version.




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