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    Easy Netlify CMS integration with nuxt.js

    📖 Release Notes



    • Add nuxt-netlify-cms and netlify-cms devDependencies using yarn or npm to your project

      npm i -D nuxt-netlify-cms netlify-cms OR yarn add -D nuxt-netlify-cms netlify-cms

    • Add nuxt-netlify-cms to modules section of nuxt.config.js

      modules: [
        // Simple usage
        // With options
        ["nuxt-netlify-cms", { adminPath: "secure" }],
      // You can optionally use global options instead of inline form
      netlifyCms: {
        adminPath: "secure"


    Netlify CMS module config folder

    This module will look for the Netlify CMS config file and extensions in the following folder: [nuxt.js srcDir]/netlify-cms.

    ℹ️ The nuxt.js srcDir is set to the project root folder by default. If you don't change this value in nuxt config, you'll just have to create the "netlify-cms" directory at your project root folder.

    ℹ️ If you don't use any of the following two features, there's no need to create this folder. But since netlify-cms needs a configuration specific to your repository, you'll have to specify it through options.

    Netlify CMS config.yml

    You can specify a custom configuration, that will be parsed and merged with the module's netlify CMS options.

    You have to place the file in your Netlify CMS module config folder and name it config.yml.

    ℹ️ Note that each path in the file (media_folder, collections folder fields and collections file fields) will be rewritten to prepend nuxt.js srcDir, so please specify each path relative to this folder.

    This file can be changed while nuxt dev is running, and Netlify CMS will be updated automatically.

    Netlify CMS customizations

    This module will look for Netlify CMS customizations in *.js files contained in Netlify CMS module config folder and subfolders, and include them in the CMS build.

    These are of two kinds, Custom Previews and Custom Widgets.

    ℹ️ The global variable CMS is available to these javascript files to reference the CMS object.

    ℹ️ The contents of this directory and subdirectories can be changed while nuxt dev is running, and Netlify CMS will be updated automatically.


    You can pass options using module options or netlifyCms section in nuxt.config.js.


    • Default: "admin"

    adminPath defines the path where Netlify CMS will be served.

    With nuxt default configuration, it will be served to http://localhost:3000/admin/ in development.


    • Default: "Content Manager"

    adminTitle defines the html title of the page where Netlify CMS will be served.


    • Default: { media_folder: "static/uploads" }

    cmsConfig wholly reflects Netlify CMS config.yml, in js object format.

    ℹ️ The order of precedence for the cms configuration is defaults < netlify-cms.yml < module options

    ℹ️ The paths are also rewritten according to nuxt.js srcDir


    • ⇄ Pull requests and ★ Stars are always welcome.
    • For bugs and feature requests, please create an issue.
    • Pull requests must be accompanied by passing automated tests ($ yarn test).


    MIT License

    Copyright (c) Mehdi Lahlou




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