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  • 🪟 More toast positions

Quick Setup

  1. Add ctoast dependency to your project
# Using pnpm
pnpm add nuxt-ctoast

# Using yarn
yarn add nuxt-ctoast

# Using npm
npm install nuxt-ctoast
  1. Add ctoast to the modules section of nuxt.config.ts
export default defineNuxtConfig({
  modules: [

That's it! You can now use cToast in your Nuxt app ✨

Setting standard parameters

There are 2 ways to pass parameters to the module

  1. Transfer when adding a module
// nuxt.config.ts
export default defineNuxtConfig({
  modules: [
    ['cToast', { args }]
  1. Passing parameters through the namespace
export default defineNuxtConfig({
  cToast: {



interface ModuleOptions {  
	// position on the screen
	// default: 'bottom-right'
	position: CToastOptionsPosition
	// maximum number of notifications on the screen at a time
	// default: 10
	maxToasts: number
	// the delay between replacing toasts at the loader
	// default: 300
	loaderSwitchDelay: number 
	// maximum delay when delay: false
	// default: 120000
	infinityDestroyDelay: number
	// delay between deleting notifications during mass deletion
	// default: 150
	massClearDelay: number
	toast: {
		// notification lifetime
		// default: 3000
		delay: number 
		// timer status
		// default: true
		timer: boolean
		onClick: CToastOnClickConfig
	icons: {
		default: { // icon names for standard notifications
			success: string // default: 'mingcute:check-fill'
			error: string // default: 'pepicons-pop:times'
			warn: string // default: 'pajamas:warning-solid'
		loader: { // icon names for the notification loader
			header: string // default: 'svg-spinners:tadpole'
			status: {  
				load: string // default: 'svg-spinners:3-dots-scale'
				success: string // default: 'mingcute:check-fill'
				error: string // default: 'pepicons-pop:times'
type CToastOptionsPosition =  
	| 'top-left'  
	| 'top-right'  
	| 'bottom-left'  
	| 'bottom-right';
type CToastOnClickConfig = {
	// whether to delete a notification by clicking on it
	// default: true 
	delete?: boolean


type CToastType = 'success' | 'error' | 'warn';
type CToastOnClick = {  
	delete?: boolean // whether to delete a notification by clicking on it
	func?: (toast: CToastPrepared) => void // called function when pressed
interface CToast {  
	type: CToastType // notification type
	title: string // notification title
	description?: string // description of the notification
	delay?: number | false // delay before deletion
	name?: string // notification name
	icon?: string // notification icon
	timer?: boolean // timer status
	onClick?: CToastOnClick


interface CToastLoaderData {  
	success: {
		toast: CToast // successful notification
		// called successful function
		on?: (toast: CToastPrepared) => void
	error: {
		toast: CToast // erroneous notification
		// called error function
		on?: (toast: CToastPrepared, stage: keyof CToastLoaderStages) => void
	stages: {
		// key: title - stage
		[name: string]: string  
interface CToastLoader {
	type: CToastType // notification type
	title: string // notification title
	name: string // notification name
	loader: CToastLoaderData
	description?: string // description of the notification
	delay?: number | false // delay before deletion
	icon?: string // notification icon


Methods success, warn, error

Standard functions for quickly calling toasts. At the moment there are 4 types.

type CToastWithoutMeta<T extends CToastForm> = Omit<T, 'type'>;
type CToastCreate = string | CToastWithoutMeta<CToast>;
$cToast.success(data: CToastCreate);
$cToast.warn(data: CToastCreate);
$cToast.error(data: CToastCreate);
// quicke toasts with parameters
	title: 'Test Success',
	delay: false
	title: 'Test info',
	icon: 'ph:spinner',
	delay: false,
	name: 'test-replace'
	title: 'Test Delete',
	delay: false,
	name: 'test-delete'
// or quicke toasts without parameters
$cToast.success('Test Success');
$'Test Info');
$cToast.error('Test Error');


To call a test with a full list of parameters, the show function is used.

Method show

// full toast form
$ CToast)

	title: 'Тест зелёного',  
	description: 'Вроде есть',  
	type: 'success',  
	onClick: {  
		func: () => console.log('click')  
	delay: 10000,  
	icon: 'fa:ban'


Method showLoader NEW

This type of toast is designed to remove spam from the website interface. It is called once with all the necessary parameters and then, as something is loaded on the page, using an additional method, the state of each of the parameters changes.

An example of calling this toast

// loader toast form
$cToast.showLoader(data: CToastLoader) => {
	success: (stage: string) => void
	error: (stage: string, desc?: string) => void
// loader toast example
	title: 'Test Loader',  
	description: 'A new loader toast has been released. Check out the new documentation',  
	name: 'test-loader',  
	loader: {  
		success: {  
			toast: {  
				title: 'Good reviews have not been received'  
			on: () => console.log('success')  
		error: {  
			toast: {  
				title: 'Thank you for support'  
			on: () => console.log('error')  
		stages: {  
			'test-1': 'search for an idea',  
			'test-2': 'implementation of the idea',  
			'test-3': 'good reviews'  

loaderSuccessTest loaderErrorTest

To change the loading state, the editLoaderStatus method is used

Method editLoaderStatus NEW

This method works in conjunction with showLoader and nothing else.

type CToastLoaderStagesStatuses = 'load' | 'success' | 'error';
// loader change status form
	name: string  
	stage: string
	status: CToastLoaderStagesStatuses
	desc?: string 
// loader change status example success
$cToast.loaderStatus('loader-test', 'test-1', 'error', 'error description');

Method replace

It is also possible to make toasts immortal. To do this, just enter the false value in the delay parameters. Such toasts can be destroyed by clicking the mouse (if deletion is enabled), reloading the page, clearing all toasts, deleting by name, but not by time (unless you have infinityDestroyDelay set to a very small value). If you use immortal toast when loading something, then the replace function is perfect for your purposes. The function will delete the immortal toast by its name and create a new one based on the data just passed.

$cToast.replace(name: string, toast: CToast);
// example
$cToast.warn({ title: 'Test info', icon: 'ph:spinner', delay: false, name: 'test-replace' });
$cToast.replace('test-replace', { title: 'Replaced!', type: 'success' });


Method remove

A function that deletes a toast by its name.

$cToast.remove(name: string);
// example
$cToast.error({ title: 'Test Delete', delay: false, name: 'test-delete' });


Method clear

The function deletes all existing toasts. Does not need parameters.



Enjoy using my toasts 🤗

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