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    JavaScript Number to Color converter

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    An example of number to color conversion

    This small and fast library maps a range of numbers to a circular palette of colors. It varies hue (with saturation and lightness equal to 1) and returns RGB in different formats.

    import { numberToColor } from 'number-to-color'
    // numberToColor(number from 0 to max − 1, max)
    const tenthColorOfSixteen = numberToColor(10, 16) // equals to { r: 0, g: 64, b: 255 }


    You can see a live demo at The source code of the demo is also available.

    An example of usage is Griffeath's machine.

    Usage and Formats

    Run in a console:

    npm i number-to-color

    Include and call it in a wanted way:

    // with memoization
    import { numberToColor } from 'number-to-color'
    const tenthColorOfSixteen = numberToColor(10, 16) // equals to { r: 0, g: 64, b: 255 }
    // without memoization for numbers [0, 1)
    import { mapColor } from 'number-to-color/map-color'
    const tenthColorOfSixteen = mapColor(10 / 16) // equals to { r: 0, g: 64, b: 255 }
    // convert a color you got to hex format
    import { rgbToHex } from 'number-to-color/rgbToHex'
    const tenthColorOfSixteen = rgbToHex({ r: 0, g: 64, b: 255 }) // equals to '#0040ff'


    numberToColor(number, colors, shuffled, defaultColor)

    The function calculates a color for every number and memoizes these values for each quantity of colors it was called with. number should be equal to or greater than 0 but less than colors.


    Name Type Default Description
    number Number An integer number to convert
    colors Number Number of colors, colors > number
    shuffled Boolean false If true, shuffle memoized colors
    defaultColor { r: Number, g: Number , b: Number } { r: 0, g: 0, b: 0 } A color to be returned for incorrect numbers


    { r: Number, g: Number, b: Number }

    It's a color that corresponds to the number argument (0 <= r, g, b <= 255).


    With all dependencies, minified and gzipped:

    • require('number-to-color') 358 B
    • require('number-to-color/map-color') 172 B
    • require('number-to-color/rgbToHex') 131 B

    How to Run the Demo Locally

    Run in a console:

    git clone
    cd number-to-color
    npm install
    npm run start

    Then open http://localhost:8080 in a browser.


    • Check out an example of usage in Greffeath Machine cellular automata: demo, source code.
    • This library is inspired by Nano ID.


    npm i number-to-color

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