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    nsolid-statsd - a daemon that sends N|Solid metrics to statsd

    This package provides a daemon which will monitor N|Solid runtimes and send the metrics from the runtimes to statsd. The runtimes that are monitored are selected based on the command-line parameters.


    npm install nsolid-statsd


    nsolid-statsd [options] [statsd-address [storage-address]]


    statsd-address - the {address} of the statsd UDP server
                     default: localhost:8125
    storage-address  - the {address} of the N|Solid storage server's API port
                     default: localhost:4000

    See {address} below for the expected format of these addresses.

    options are:

    -h --help            - print some help text
    -v --version         - print the program version
    --app <app name>     - the N|Solid application name to monitor
                           default: monitor all applications
    --prefix <value>     - prefix statsd metric names with the specified value
                           default: 'nsolid'
    --tags <boolean>     - append N|Solid tags to the metrics
                           default: false

    Options are parsed with the npm rc module, and so options can be set in environment variables or files, as supported by rc. For example, you can specify options in a file named .nsolid-statsdrc.

    The {address} parameter of the statsd-address and storage-address parameters should be in one of the following formats:


    If port is not specified, the default is 8125 for statsd-address, and 4000 for storage-address. If host is not specified, the default is localhost. The host may be a hostname or IPv4 address.

    When the --tags option is used, the metrics sent to statsd will be modified to include the tags value associated with the N|Solid instance the metric originated from. If the tags associated with an N|Solid instance are tag-A, tag-B, and tag-C, the metrics will have the following string appended to them:


    Tag suffixes are an extension to statsd and not supported by all statsd servers.



    Poll metrics from the N|Solid storage at localhost:4000 and send them to the statsd server at

    nsolid-statsd --tags true -- :

    Poll metrics every second from the N|Solid storage at and send them to the statsd server at localhost:8125. Send the N|Solid application tags as suffixes on the metrics.


    NodeSource provides a Docker image to easily get add nsolid-statsd to an environment already using containers.

    docker pull nodesource/nsolid-statsd

    Running the nsolid-statsd image

    docker run -d --name="nsolid-statsd" nsolid-statsd --tags storage:4000 statsd:8125

    Poll metrics every second from the N|Solid storage at storage:4000 and send them to the statsd server at statsd:8125. It also sends the N|Solid application tags as suffixes on the metrics.

    nsolid-statsd also supports using environment variables for providing the N|Solid Storage and statsd endpoints

    docker run -d --name="nsolid-statsd" -e NSOLID_ADDRESS=storage:4000 -e STATSD_ADDRESS=statsd:8125 nsolid-statsd

    statsd metric names

    The association of N|Solid metrics to statsd metrics is as follows:

    N-Solid metric statsd metric
    activeHandles {prefix}.{app}.process.activeHandles
    activeRequests {prefix}.{app}.process.activeRequests
    cpu {prefix}.{app}.process.cpu
    cpuSpeed {prefix}.{app}.system.cpuSpeed
    freeMem {prefix}.{app}.system.freeMem
    heapTotal {prefix}.{app}.process.heapTotal
    heapUsed {prefix}.{app}.process.heapUsed
    load15m {prefix}.{app}.system.load15m
    load1m {prefix}.{app}.system.load1m
    load5m {prefix}.{app}.system.load5m
    rss {prefix}.{app}.process.rss

    The {prefix} value can be specified via command-line option, and defaults to nsolid. The {app} value is the name of the N|Solid application.

    For more information about the N|Solid metrics, see the N|Solid Process and System Statistics documentation.

    string value normalization

    String values which are provided by N|Solid will be normalized in the following fashion before being used in a statsd metric

    • characters which are not alpha-numeric or "-" or "_" will be converted to "-"
    • strings that are greater than 200 characters will be truncated to 200 characters

    The values which are affected are:

    • N|Solid application name
    • N|Solid tags


    To submit a bug report, please create an issue at GitHub.

    If you'd like to contribute code to this project, please read the document.

    Authors and Contributors

    Patrick Mueller GitHub/pmuellr Twitter/@pmuellr
    Dave Olszewski GitHub/cxreg Twitter/@cxreg
    Joe Doyle GitHub/JoeDoyle23 Twitter/@JoeDoyle23
    Johannes Würbach GitHub/johanneswuerbach  

    License & Copyright

    nsolid-statsd is Copyright (c) 2016-2017 NodeSource and licensed under the MIT license. All rights not explicitly granted in the MIT license are reserved. See the included file for more details.


    npm i nsolid-statsd

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