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You have a bunch of Git URLs. You want to convert them to a canonical representation, probably for use inside npm so that it doesn't end up creating a bunch of superfluous cached origins. You use this package.


var ngu = require('normalize-git-url');
var normalized = ngu("git+ssh://")
// get back: 
// { 
//   url : "ssh://", 
//   branch : "hashbrowns" // did u know hashbrowns are delicious? 
// } 


There's just the one function, and all it takes is a single parameter, a non-normalized Git URL.


  • url {String} The Git URL (very loosely speaking) to be normalized.

Returns an object with the following format:

  • url {String} The normalized URL.
  • branch {String} The treeish to be checked out once the repo at url is cloned. It doesn't have to be a branch, but it's a lot easier to intuit what the output is for with that name.


Right now this doesn't try to special-case GitHub too much -- it doesn't ensure that .git is added to the end of URLs, it doesn't prefer https: over http: or ssh:, it doesn't deal with redirects, and it doesn't try to resolve symbolic names to treeish hashcodes. For now, it just tries to account for minor differences in representation.