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NodeJS Twitter Crawler

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Crawl twitter users and user tweets but using multiple credentials. Credentials used in a round-robin mode.

Using the component

NodeJS Twitter Crawler is implemented using promises. You will need to use promises pattern no add callbacks to crawler method invocations.

var crawler = new TwitterCrawler(credentials);
crawler.getUser(/* CrawlerParameters */)
  .then( /* Success Callback */ )
  .catch( /* Error Callback */ )
crawler.getTweets(/* CrawlerParameters */, { limit: /* Desired limit, you can omit this */ })
  .then( /* Success Callback */ )
  .catch( /* Error Callback */ )

API Methods

The available methods are the following ones:

  • getUser :: CrawlerParameters -> Promise - Obtain the user status from Twitter by calling users/show method from Twitter API. The then callback will receive the user information.
  • getTweets :: (CrawlerParameters[, CrawlerOptions]) -> Promise - Obtain User Tweets by calling statuses/user_timeline method from Twitter API. The then callback will receive a list of tweets.


  • CrawlerParameters can be a TwitterID or a TwitterParameters object.
  • TwitterID is the numeric Twitter ID or the Twitter Handle.
  • TwitterParameters is an object with parameters to be passed to Twitter API. E.g. this documentation shows that GET statuses/user_timeline can receive parameters such as user_id or exclude_replies.
  • Promise is a promise as defined by BlueBird package.
  • CrawlerOptions is an object containing options for the crawling with attributes:
    • limit: sets the max count of tweets to collect.
    • min_tweets: forces a minimum tweet count. If set and not satisfied, it will result in rejection.