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Mock 'http' objects for testing Express routing functions, but could be used for testing any Node.js web server applications that have code that requires mockups of the request and response objects.


This project is available as a NPM package.

$ npm install --save-dev node-mocks-http

Our example includes --save-dev based on the assumption that node-mocks-http will be used as a development dependency..

After installing the package include the following in your test files:

var httpMocks = require('node-mocks-http');


Suppose you have the following Express route:

app.get('/user/:id', routeHandler);

And you have created a function to handle that route's call:

var routeHandler = function( request, response ) { ... };

You can easily test the routeHandler function with some code like this using the testing framework of your choice:

exports['routeHandler - Simple testing'] = function(test) {
    var request  = httpMocks.createRequest({
        method: 'GET',
        url: '/user/42',
        params: {
          id: 42
    var response = httpMocks.createResponse();
    routeHandler(request, response);
    var data = JSON.parse( response._getData() );
    test.equal("Bob Dog",;
    test.equal(42, data.age);
    test.equal(200, response.statusCode );
    test.ok( response._isEndCalled());
    test.ok( response._isJSON());
    test.ok( response._isUTF8());




Where options is an object hash with any of the following values:

option description default value
method request HTTP method 'GET'
url request URL ''
originalUrl request original URL url
baseUrl request base URL url
path request path ''
params object hash with params {}
session object hash with session values undefined
cookies object hash with request cookies {}
signedCookies object hash with signed cookies undefined
headers object hash with request headers {}
body object hash with body {}
query object hash with query values {}
files object hash with values {}



Where options is an object hash with any of the following values:

option description default value
locals object that contains response local variables {}
eventEmitter event emitter used by response object mockEventEmitter
writableStream writable stream used by response object mockWritableStream
req Request object being responded to null

NOTE: The out-of-the-box mock event emitter included with node-mocks-http is not a functional event emitter and as such does not actually emit events. If you wish to test your event handlers you will need to bring your own event emitter.

Here's an example:

var httpMocks = require('node-mocks-http');
var res = httpMocks.createResponse({
  eventEmitter: require('events').EventEmitter
// ...
  it('should do something', function(done) {
    res.on('end', function() {
// ...


httpMocks.createMocks(reqOptions, resOptions)

Merges createRequest and createResponse. Passes given options object to each constructor. Returns an object with properties req and res.

Design Decisions

We wanted some simple mocks without a large framework.

We also wanted the mocks to act like the original framework being mocked, but allow for setting of values before calling and inspecting of values after calling.

For Developers

We are looking for more volunteers to bring value to this project, including the creation of more objects from the HTTP module.

This project doesn't address all features that must be mocked, but it is a good start. Feel free to send pull requests, and a member of the team will be timely in merging them.

If you wish to contribute please read our Contributing Guidelines.

Release Notes

Most releases fix bugs with our mocks or add features similar to the actual Request and Response objects offered by Node.js and extended by Express.

See the Release History for details.


Licensed under MIT.