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middle ware for front-engineer to server

simple server for api merge


npm install node-interface  
cd ./node-interface  
sudo npm install
sh ./bin/ n (n means how many ports will be listened(8030+n))


            data:'uId=1'//use key=value&key=value, beacuse this is get method 
            data:{uId:1}//use object , because this is post method 
        console.log(JSON.parse(data))//the data is an Array ,and it include [data[0],data[1]] 
  • node-interface will help you to request data[0].url && data[1].url and merge the response return back to users

  • The success data has contained data[0]&data[1] result;

  • server client must has restful API status to ensure node can check,API status changes in ./app/deps/httpRequest line 34

1.0.0 version

  • project established

1.1.0 version

  • add testing

1.3.0 version

  • add post method

1.5.0 version

  • add other routers for 404,only /apis can be readed
  • add to establish pm2 cluster usage: sh + n (n means how many ports will get start)

1.7.3 version

  • change readme
  • add koa-helmet(has been noted in index.js)

1.9.0 version

  • change router,make apis first

2.0.0 version

  • add LICENSE and add coverage


  • add issues in here


  • MIT