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Firebird high-level native client for Node.js / TypeScript

node-firebird-driver-native is a modern (Firebird 3+ client, Node.js 7+, TypeScript 2+) native client for Firebird based in the node-firebird-driver API.


yarn add node-firebird-driver-native

Usage example

import { createNativeClient, getDefaultLibraryFilename } from 'node-firebird-driver-native';
async function test() {
    const client = createNativeClient(getDefaultLibraryFilename());
    const attachment = await client.createDatabase('/tmp/new-db.fdb');
    const transaction = await attachment.startTransaction();
    await attachment.execute(transaction, 'create table t1 (n integer, d date)');
    await transaction.commitRetaining();
    const statement1 = await attachment.prepare(transaction, 'insert into t1 values (?, ?)');
    await statement1.execute(transaction, [1, new Date()]);
    await statement1.execute(transaction, [2, new Date()]);
    await statement1.execute(transaction, [3, new Date()]);
    await statement1.dispose();
    const resultSet = await attachment.executeQuery(transaction, 'select n, d from t1 where n <= ?', [2]);
    const rows = await resultSet.fetch();
    for (const columns of rows)
        console.log(`n: ${columns[0]}, d: ${columns[1]}`);
    await resultSet.close();
    await transaction.commit();
    await attachment.dropDatabase();
    await client.dispose();
test().then(() => console.log('Finish...'));

See more examples in src/test directory.


  • BLOBs
  • Events
  • Verify usage of node-pre-gyp


This project is in ALPHA state and the API is subject to change.