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    A simple http file downloader for node.js


    • No thirdparty dependecies
    • Pause/Resume
    • Retry on fail
    • Supports http/https
    • Supports http redirects
    • Supports pipes
    • Custom native http request options
    • Usable on vanilla nodejs, electron, nwjs
    • Progress stats


    $ npm install --save node-downloader-helper


    For a more complete example check example folder

    const { DownloaderHelper } = require('node-downloader-helper');
    const dl = new DownloaderHelper('', __dirname);
    dl.on('end', () => console.log('Download Completed'))


    This can be used as standalone CLI downloader

    Install npm i -g node-downloader-helper

    Usage: ndh [folder] [url]

    $ ndh ./folder http://url


    Download Helper constructor also allow a 3rd parameter to set some options constructor(url, destinationFolder, options), these are the default values

        method: 'GET', // Request Method Verb
        headers: {},  // Custom HTTP Header ex: Authorization, User-Agent
        fileName: string|cb(fileName, filePath, contentType)|{name, ext}, // Custom filename when saved
        retry: false, // { maxRetries: number, delay: number in ms } or false to disable (default)
        forceResume: false, // If the server does not return the "accept-ranges" header, can be force if it does support it
        removeOnStop: true, // remove the file when is stopped (default:true)
        removeOnFail: true, // remove the file when fail (default:true)
        progressThrottle: 1000, // interval time of the 'progress.throttled' event will be emitted
        override: boolean|{skip, skipSmaller}, // Behavior when local file already exists
        httpRequestOptions: {}, // Override the http request options  
        httpsRequestOptions: {}, // Override the https request options, ex: to add SSL Certs

    for fileName you can provide 3 types of parameter

    • string: will use the full string as the filename including extension
    • callback(fileName, filePath, contentType): must return an string, only sync function are supported ex: (fileName) => 'PREFIX_' + fileName;, contentType will be provided if available
    • object: this object must contain a name attribute and an optional ext attribute, the ext attribute can be an string without dot(.) or a boolean where true use the name as full file name (same as just giving an string to the fileName parameter) or false (default) will only replace the name and keep the original extension, for example if the original name is and the option is {name: 'somename'} the output will be

    for override you can provide 2 types of parameter

    • boolean: true to override existing local file, false to append '(number)' to new file name
    • object: object with properties skip (boolean): whether to skip download if file exists, and skipSmaller (boolean): whether to skip download if file exists but is smaller. Both default to false, for the equivalent of override: true.

    for httpRequestOptions the available options are detailed in here

    for httpsRequestOptions the available options are detailed in here


    Name Description
    start starts the downloading
    pause pause the downloading
    resume resume the downloading if supported, if not it will start from the beginning
    stop stop the downloading and remove the file
    pipe readable.pipe(stream.Readable, options) : stream.Readable
    unpipe (stream) if not stream is not specified, then all pipes are detached.
    updateOptions (options) updates the options, can be use on pause/resume events
    getStats returns stats from the current download, these are the same stats sent via progress event
    getTotalSize gets the total file size from the server
    getDownloadPath gets the full path where the file will be downloaded (available after the start phase)
    isResumable return true/false if the download can be resumable (available after the start phase)


    Name Description
    start Emitted when the .start method is called
    skip Emitted when the download is skipped because the file already exists
    download Emitted when the download starts callback(downloadInfo)
    progress Emitted every time gets data from the server callback(stats)
    progress.throttled The same as progress but emits every 1 second while is downloading callback(stats)
    retry Emitted when the download fails and retry is enabled callback(attempt, retryOpts, err)
    end Emitted when the downloading has finished callback(downloadInfo)
    error Emitted when there is any error callback(error)
    timeout Emitted when the underlying socket times out from inactivity.
    pause Emitted when the .pause method is called
    resume Emitted when the .resume method is called callback(isResume)
    stop Emitted when the .stop method is called
    renamed Emitted when '(number)' is appended to the end of file, this requires override:false opt, callback(filePaths)
    stateChanged Emitted when the state changes callback(state)

    event skip skipInfo object

        totalSize:, // total file size got from the server
        fileName:, // original file name
        filePath:, // original path name
        downloadedSize:, // the downloaded amount

    event download downloadInfo object

        totalSize:, // total file size got from the server
        fileName:, // assigned name
        filePath:, // download path
        isResumed:, // if the download is a resume,
        downloadedSize:, // the downloaded amount (only if is resumed otherwise always 0)

    event progress or progress.throttled stats object

        name:, // file name
        total:, // total size that needs to be downloaded in bytes
        downloaded:, // downloaded size in bytes
        progress:, // progress porcentage 0-100%
        speed: // download speed in bytes

    event end downloadInfo object

        totalSize:, // total file size got from the server
        incomplete:, // true/false if the download endend but still incomplete
        onDiskSize, // total size of file on the disk
        downloadedSize:, // the total size downloaded

    event renamed filePaths object

        path:, // modified path name
        fileName:, // modified file name
        prevPath:, // original path name
        prevFileName:, // original file name

    event error error object

        message:, // Error message
        status:, // Http status response if available
        body:, // Http body response if available


    Name Value


    $ npm test


    Read License for more licensing information.

    FOSSA Status


    Read here for more information.


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