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Stylus mixins and utilities


Stylus mixins, utilities, components, and gradient image generation. Don't forget to check out the documentation.

$ npm install nib

If the image generation features of Nib are desired, such as generating the linear gradient images, install node-canvas:

$ npm install canvas

Below is an example of how to utilize nib and stylus with the connect framework (or express).

var connect = require('connect')
  , stylus = require('stylus')
  , nib = require('nib');
var server = connect();
function compile(strpath) {
  return stylus(str)
.set('filename', path)
.set('compress', true)
src: __dirname
  , compile: compile

To gain access to everything nib has to offer, simply add:

@import 'nib' 

Or you may also pick and choose based on the directory structure in ./lib, for example:

@import 'nib/gradients' 
@import 'nib/overflow'
@import 'nib/normalize'

To be continued...

You will first need to install the dependencies:

   $ npm install -d

Run the automated test cases:

   $ npm test

For visual testing run the test server:

   $ npm run-script test-server

Then visit localhost:3000 in your browser.

I would love more contributors. And if you have helped out, you are awesome! I want to give a huge thanks to these people: