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NGX Pact

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Pact is a tool to develop Consumer-Driven Contract Tests. You can find a lot of informations on the official docs or the github repository.

This Angular Schematic supports you in setting up pact for your projects and therefore do Consumer-Driven Contract Testing for your application.

This Schematic supports karma as well as jest based angular projects.

How to use

Add the schematics to your project

For now this repository just support the initial setup of a project to perform pact tests. This can be done by adding this library.

ng add ngx-pact

The ng add command supports a variety of configuration options. You can find a detailed list in the following section. This will also change the karma.conf.js, so if you already setup pact for your project just skip this step and add ngx-pact as dev dependency.

Configuration Options

Parameter Name description default
skipInstall Do not add pact packages as devDependency in the package.json false
project The name of the project for which you want to add pact defaultProject
port The port of the pact server 12345
dir The directory of the pact files ./pact
log The directory of the log files ''
pactBinaryLocation When you are behind a cooperate proxy you might want to download the pact binary manually
pactDoNotTrack Pact by default analyze anonymously installations of the pact-node module

Generate a pact test

ng generate ngx-pact:service --name test

This will generate an angular service called test, with the normal test.service.spec.ts, but also a test.service.pact.spec.ts. It extends the normal service schematic and adds the following configuration options:

Parameter Name description default
port The port of the pact server 12345
consumer Name of the consumer projectName
provider Name of the provider some-provider


For development hints, have a look at

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