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A lightweight, generic Angular (v2+) component to display data provided by an Odata source.


  • Metadata driven
  • Allows multiple OData endpoints within one App
  • Customizable table properties
  • Pagination included

Working with

  • Angular (v2+)


To use ngx-o-table in your project install it via npm:

npm install --save ngx-o-table

Then include it in your application's main module:

import { OtableModule } from 'ngx-o-table';
  imports: [


Your Odatatable would look like this in an Angular template:

    [itemsPerPage] = "'5'"
    [maxPagesInPagination] = "'3'">

Just feed in the name of the entity set you want to display along with the ServiceURL and you are good to go. itemsPerPage and maxPagesInPagination are optional.


The table is styled with Bootstrap 3.3.7

This is planned to be changed to Material 2 as soon as a DataTable component is available.

Live Demo

To see ngx-o-table in action (head to /demo-basic), a few steps are required:

  • you need Angular-CLI v1.0 or later (npm install -g @angular/cli)
  • from the demo-basic folder, run npm install
  • then start ng serve

You might use ng serve --proxy-config proxy.conf.json to get rid of the Same-origin policy.

proxy.conf.json could look like this:

    "/V3/*": {
    "target": "",
    "secure": false,
    "changeOrigin": true