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nginx config file formatter and beautifier

This Javascript script beautifies and formats Nginx configuration files like so:

  • all lines are indented in uniform manner, with 4 spaces per level
  • neighbouring empty lines are collapsed to at most two empty lines
  • curly braces placement follows Java convention
  • whitespaces are collapsed, except in comments an quotation marks


From our website

This project can be used directly at:

From the NPM repository

Please see Installation section below.

From the Arch-AUR repository

Please see Installation section below.


NodeJS is needed to run this program.

You can install nginxbeautifier using one of the ways below:

From AUR

Using pacaur (or any other way from AUR repository)

pacaur -S nginxbeautifier

From NPM repository

npm install -g nginxbeautifier

Directly from source

simpley clone our repository and copy the executable to your /usr/bin so you can use it anywhere on the system(unix only).

git clone
cp nginxbeautifier/nginxbeautifier.js /usr/bin/nginxbeautifier

How to use

Usage: nginxbeautifier [OPTION]... [FILE]...
Description: Formats nginx conf files into a more readable format by re-indenting the lines.

Mandatory arguments to long options are mandatory for short options too, Arguments are case insensitive.
-h, --help, Show this help text.
-s, --space, Amount of spaces to indent with, Can not be used if tabs are specified.
-t, --tabs, Amount of tabs to indent with, Can not be used if spaces are specified.
-dj, --dontjoin, --dont-join, if set to true, commands such as 'server' and '{' will be on a seperate line, false by default ('server {' )
-r, --recursive, scan the whole current folder, and all sub folders recursively.
-i, --input, The file to input, is optional if you provide a path after all the arguments.
-o, --output, The file to output to, is optional if you provide a path after all the arguments.
-e, -ext, --extension, The extension of the config file to look for(.conf by default).

Usage examples:

(1)>nginxbeautifier -s 4 -r sites-enabled/
(2)>nginxbeautifier -s 4 -r /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/
(3)>nginxbeautifier -s 4 -i /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/site.conf -o /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/newSite.conf
(4)>nginxbeautifier -s 4 -i /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/site.conf
(5)>nginxbeautifier -s 4 -i /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/*
(6)>nginxbeautifier -t 4 -i /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/*
(7)>nginxbeautifier -t 4 /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/*
(8)>nginxbeautifier -t 4 -i /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/* -o /etc/nginx/new-sites-enabled/*


Michał Słomkowski - Original code was ported from their project(, and also used their as a template. some methods were rewritten or changed a bit, but most of the code follows their design.


I am keeping the same licenese format as the one that was given by the owner of the project the code was ported from: Apache 2.0.

Additional related projects you may find interesting:

nginxbeautify - derived from this project, and much improved, by adding modularity and much more, by Denys Vitali, you should check it out!

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