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This is a toggle switch button component, you can see the demo here and test it in StackBlitz.


Angular ng-toggle-button
>=15.0.0 v1.5.x
>=14.0.0 v1.4.x
>=13.0.0 v1.3.x
>=12.0.0 v1.2.x
>=11.0.0 v1.1.x
>=10.0.0 v1.0.x
>=9.0.0 v0.2.x
v8.x.x v0.1.x


npm i ng-toggle-button


yarn add ng-toggle-button


Import the module

import { NgToggleModule } from 'ng-toggle-button';
  imports: [
    NgToggleModule.forRoot() //or NgToggleModule

Also, you can pass a global configuration for all ng-toggle component in your app

import { NgToggleModule } from 'ng-toggle-button';
  imports: [

The config object is described in the table bellow


    unchecked: '#939da2',
    checked: '#f62d51'


Name Type Default Description
value boolean false Initial state of the toggle button
speed number 300 Transition time for the animation
disabled boolean false Button does not react on mouse events
color string #0099CC If String - color of the button when checked
If Object - colors for the button when checked/unchecked or disabled
Example: {checked: '#00FF00', unchecked: '#FF0000', disabled: '#CCCCCC'}
labels boolean Object false If boolean - shows/hides default labels
If Object - sets custom labels for both states.
Example: {checked: 'Foo', unchecked: 'Bar'}
switchColor string Object #fff If string - color or background property of the switch when checked
If Object - colors or background property for the switch when checked/uncheked
Example: {checked: '#25EF02', unchecked: 'silver'}
width number 50 Width of the button
height number 22 Height of the button
margin number 3 Space between the switch and background border
name string undefined Name to attach to the generated input field
fontSize number 10 Font size in pixels
fontColor string Object undefined If string - color when checked
If Object - colors for labels when checked/uncheked
Example: {checked: '#25EF02', unchecked: '#35DB15'} by default the text color is white.
values {checked: any, unchecked: any} {checked: true, unchecked: false} Values for checked and unchecked states, by default checked value is true and unchecked value is false
Example: {checked: 1, unchecked: 0}.

Outputs events

Name Payload Description
change value Triggered when state of the component changes.
value - state of the button

Keyboard Accessibility (WCAG)

The toggle is tabbable, and can be triggered using the spacebar - WCAG 2.4.3(A)

Development server

Clone this repo and download the dependencies. Run ng serve for a dev server. Navigate to http://localhost:4200/.

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