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    Angular QR Code Generator

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    Easy to use Ivy compatible QR code generator for Angular projects.


    • Compatible with Angular 12
    • Leverages the widely used qrcode package to do the heavy lifting
    • Renders to HTML Canvas

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    Add as a dependency to your angular application:

    npm install ng-qrcode --save


    Import into your consuming module (Eg: AppModule):

     import { QrCodeModule } from 'ng-qrcode';
       imports: [


    <qr-code value="Yo world!" size="300" errorCorrectionLevel="M"></qr-code>

    value: string (required)

    The value to encode in the QR code, eg: a url

    size: string | number (optional)

    An optional size in pixels to render at

    Default: automatic size based on the value provided (recommended)

    darkColor: RGBAColor (optional)

    An RGBA Hex string to use as the color for the dark / filled modules. If an invalid value is passed, the default will be used.

    Default black ("#000000FF")

    lightColor: RGBAColor (optional)

    An RGBA Hex string to use as the color for the empty space. If an invalid value is passed, the default will be used.

    Default white ("#FFFFFFFF")

    errorCorrectionLevel: string (optional)

    Controls the amount of redundant information included to make the QR code more likely to scan correctly if it is dirty / damaged

    Default: "M"

    Valid values: "L", "M", "Q", "H" - where "L" is the lowest amount of redundancy, and "H" is the highest

    See: for further details

    centerImageSrc: string (optional)

    A URI suitable to use an a Image src property to load and render in the center of the QR code.

    Note: the image will obscure part of the QR code, and therefore you should err on the side of a higher error correction level, anecdotally when the size is less than 1/4 of the size of the code, with at least "M" error correction, it is generally still scannable.

    centerImageSize: string | number (optional)

    An optional size in pixels to render the center image.

    Default: 60

    margin: number (optional)

    An optional amount of margin to be rendered within the canvas element. Defaults to 4, where the unit is the size of one "dot" in the QR code.


    If the provided component is not flexible enough for you, there is also a directive provided that is used by the component under the hood, which provides finer grain control.


    See running demo here

    A demo app is included in the repository under projects/ng-qrcode-demo which can be run locally using ng build && ng serve

    Known/Common Issues

    Reference Error 'global' is not defined

    Essentially in some cases Angular will bundle a version of the buffer library that is not compatible with web browsers if the 'global' object is not defined.

    This can be easily worked around, see comment here for options:

    Footnote / Package History

    Pre-version 2.0.0 this package was developed by emin93 and used the qrious npm package to generate the QR Codes.

    The source for this was lost, and this repository is a re-write, first released as v2.0.0 that uses the qrcode npm package to generate QR Codes.

    v2.0.0 should be backwards compatible, aside from a rename of the exported NgModule from QRCodeModule -> QrCodeModule for consistency.


    npm i ng-qrcode

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