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    This is a dynamic table for angular, you can add, edit or delete rows without any stylesheet.

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    You can get it on npm:

    npm install ng-editable-table --save


    You'll need to add EditableTableModule to your application module.

    import { EditableTableModule } from 'ng-editable-table/editable-table/editable-table.module';
          imports: [
          declarations: [
          providers: [],
          bootstrap: [AppComponent]
          export class AppModule {}


    You need to create some arrays for haders and rows to use the ng-editable-table directive

      selector: 'app',
      templateUrl: './app.component.html',
      styleUrls: ['./app.component.css']
    export class AppComponent {
      tableHeaders = ['Header 1', 'Header 2', 'Header 3'];
      tableRows = [
        ['Cell', 'Cell', 'Cell'],
        ['Cell', 'Cell', 'Cell'],
        ['Cell', 'Cell', 'Cell']
        constructor() {}

    And finally add this directive to your html:

    <nv-editable-table [table-headers]="tableHeaders" [table-rows]="tableRows" ></nv-editable-table>

    Directive Options

    You can customize the table options by the nv-editable-table directive, the available options are:

    Option Value Description
    table-headers String Array An array of strings with headers name
    table-rows Array of any [] An array of any[] with the rows content
    table-rows-with-id Array of any [] An array of any[] with the rows content, using the first value like row ID, useful to identify objects and rows
    can-delete-rows true/false Enable or disable delete rows button
    can-edit-rows true/false Enable or disable edit rows button
    can-add-rows true/false Enable or disable add rows button
    add-button-label String String label for add button
    edit-button-label String String label for edit button
    save-button-label String String label for save button
    cancel-button-label String String label for cancel button
    delete-button-label String String label for delete button
    add-icon String Icon class for add button
    edit-icon String Icon class for edit button
    save-icon String Icon class for save button
    delete-icon String Icon class for delete button
    add-button-class String Add button class
    edit-button-class String Edit/save button class
    delete-button-class String Delete button class
    tr-class String Table row class
    td-class String Table cell class
    buttons-td-class String Buttons column class

    You can catch the edit and delete events using the directive outputs:

    Option Description
    onSave Return an event when the button save is clicked
    onRemove Returns an event when the button remove is clicked

    The structure of the event is {id: number, cells: Array[]}, the id works like an identificator of the row or some object, and the cells array saves the content of the each cell in the row.


    <nv-editable-table [table-headers]="tableHeaders" 
                       [add-button-label] = "''"
                       [edit-button-label] = "''"
                       [save-button-label] = "''"
                       [delete-button-label] = "''"
                       [add-icon] = "'plus icon'"
                       [edit-icon] = "'edit icon'"
                       [save-icon] = "'checkmark icon'"
                       [delete-icon] = "'remove icon'"
                       [add-button-class] = "'ui compact icon button'"
                       [edit-button-class] = "'ui compact blue icon button'"
                       [delete-button-class] = "'ui compact red icon button'"
                       class="ui table">

    Normal view using Semantic-ui styles

    Normal view

    Editing view using Semantic-ui styles

    Editing view

    Advance Example

    If you need more control in the structure of the table, you can use the EditableTableService and implement your custom table like this.


    import { Component, OnInit } from '@angular/core';
    import { EditableTableService } from 'ng-editable-table/editable-table/editable-table.service';
      selector: 'app',
      templateUrl: './app.component.html',
      styleUrls: ['./app.component.css']
    export class AppComponent implements OnInit {
      tableHeaders = ['Header 1', 'Header 2', 'Header 3'];
      tableRowsWithId = [
        [1, 'Example', 'Example', true]
      dataType = ['string', 'string', 'boolean'];
      constructor(private service: EditableTableService) {
      ngOnInit() {
        this.service.createTableWithIds(this.tableHeaders, this.tableRowsWithId, this.dataType);

    View (HTML)

    <h1>Advance example</h1>
                      <th *ngFor="let title of service.tableHeadersObjects">{{title.content}}</th>
                <tr *ngFor="let row of service.tableRowsObjects">
                      <td *ngFor="let cell of row.cells">
                            <span *ngIf="service.isEditing.indexOf(row) === -1 && service.checkTypeOf(cell.content) !== 'boolean'">{{cell.content}}</span>
                            <span *ngIf="service.isEditing.indexOf(row) === -1 && service.checkTypeOf(cell.content) == 'boolean'">
                          {{cell.content ? 'Activo' : 'Inactivo'}}
                            <div class="ui input" *ngIf="!(service.isEditing.indexOf(row) == -1) && service.checkTypeOf(cell.content) !== 'boolean'">
                                  <input type="text" [(ngModel)]="cell.content" [name]="cell.content">
                            <div *ngIf="!(service.isEditing.indexOf(row) == -1) && service.checkTypeOf(cell.content) === 'boolean'" class="field checkboxContainer">
                                  <div class="ui toggle checkbox">
                                        <input type="checkbox" name="public" [(ngModel)]="cell.content" name="active">
                                        <label>{{cell.content ? 'Activo' : 'Inactivo'}}</label>
                            <button *ngIf="service.isEditing.indexOf(row) === -1 " (click)="service.editRow(row)">
                          <i class="fa fa-pencil-square-o"></i>
                            <button *ngIf="!(service.isEditing.indexOf(row) == -1)" (click)="service.saveRow(row)">
                          <i class="fa fa-check"></i>
                            <button *ngIf="service.isEditing.indexOf(row) === -1" (click)="service.deleteRow(row)">
                          <i class="fa fa-times"></i>
                            <button *ngIf="!(service.isEditing.indexOf(row) == -1) " (click)="service.cancelEdition(row)">
                          <i class="fa fa-times"></i>
                      <th *ngFor="let title of service.tableHeadersObjects"></th>
                            <button (click)="service.addRow()">
                              <i class="fa fa-plus"></i>




    npm i ng-editable-table

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