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An alternative to useRouter hook in next/router that batches push and replace calls.

It allows for multiple push without overwriting each other.

Why do I need it?

With next/router, the code below doesn't work.

We expect query string to result in ?a=1&b=2, but it results in ?a=1 or ?b=2

const router = useRouter();
const onClick = () => {
    router.push({ query: { ...router.query, a: 1 } });
    router.push({ query: { ...router.query, b: 2 } });

Results in ?a=1 or ?b=2

By using useBatchRouter, calls to push are queued and merged together.

const batchRouter = useBatchRouter();
const onClick = () => {
    batchRouter.push({ query: { a: 1 } });
    batchRouter.push({ query: { b: 2 } });

Results in ?a=1&b=2


$ yarn add next-batch-router
$ npm install next-batch-router


1. BatchRouterProvider

Set up <BatchRouterProvider/> at the top of the component tree, preferably inside pages/_app.js

import { BatchRouterProvider } from "next-batch-router";

const MyApp = ({ Component, pageProps }) => (
        <Component {...pageProps} />

2. useBatchRouter

Instead of using useRouter from next/router, use useBatchRouter instead.

import { useBatchRouter } from "next-batch-router";

const Component = () => {
    const batchRouter = useBatchRouter();
    const onClick = () => {
        batchRouter.push({ query: { a: 1 } });
        batchRouter.push({ query: { b: 2 } });

    return (
            <button onClick={onClick}>Click me!</button>


batchRouter.push(url, as, options);
batchRouter.replace(url, as, options);

url: { query?: SetQueryAction, hash?: string | null }

  • You cannot put string. Only object with query and hash property is allowed.

  • query is similar to the original query parameter with some differences.

    1. Original push completely replaced the query string with the given object, but batchRouter.push merges the object by default.
    2. null value removes the query parameter from the query string. Calling batchRouter.push({query: {a: null}}) on ?a=1&b=2 results in ?b=2.
    3. undefined value is ignored. Calling batchRouter.push({query: {a: undefined}}) on ?a=1&b=2 results in ?a=1&b=2.
    4. You can put a function instead of an object as a query parameter, similar to React.useState. However, the returned object is not merged automatically and must be merged manually within the function. Since merge is not automatically done, the undefined value is handled as null and is removed from the query string.
  • hash is the "hash" part from ?param=foo#hash url. It's similar to the original hash parameter with some differences.

    1. Originally, hash was not preserved unless provided in the router.push call. batchRouter.push preserves the original hash if not supplied.
    2. null value removes the hash.
    3. When multiple push calls have a hash parameter, the last one is applied.
    4. There is a bug in which removing all query parameters doesn't work if there is a hash in the URL. Such as this: batchRouter.push({ query: ()=>({}), hash:"hash" })

as?: { query?: SetQueryAction, hash?: string | null }

  • Optional. Defines how the browser URL bar will look like. Can be used to set param in router.query but hide it from the URL. Check next/router documentation for more detail. Similar to url.

options?: { scroll?: boolean, shallow?: boolean, locale?: string }

  • scroll: Scroll to the top of the page after navigation. Defaults to true. When multiple push and replace calls are merged, all must have scroll: false to not scroll after navigation.
  • shallow: Update the path of the current page without rerunning getStaticProps, getServerSideProps or getInitialProps. Defaults to false. When merged, all must have shallow: true to do shallow routing.
  • locale: Indicates locale of the new page. When merged, the last one will be applied.


useBatchRouter is currently not designed to replace useRouter. It's to be used together and useBatchRouter should be used for changing only the query and hash part of the URL.


This project is licensed under the MIT License.


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