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Welcome to Progress NativeScript UI

Progress NativeScript UI Free a free suite of free UI components targeting the NativeScript platform. The controls are based on the familiar Progress Telerik UI for Android and Progress Telerik UI for iOS suites and expose common API for utilizing these suites Android and iOS cross-platform development.

The suite offers the following two components:


ListView for NativeScript is suitable for virtually every mobile application. It’s native underneath which allows for ultimate performance on both iOS and Android. It’s features will enhance your app in many ways. Here they are:

  • Multiple templates
  • Pull-to-refresh
  • Load-on-demand
  • Swipe cell to execute
  • Header and footer
  • Item animations
  • Wrap and grid layouts
  • Item reorder
  • Styling customizations support through code and CSS


  • Different animated transition modes: Fade, Push, Reveal, Reverse Slide Out, Scale Down Pusher, Scale Up, Slide Along, Slide In on Top
  • Ability to appear from all four sides of the screen
  • Support for custom content

UI for NativeScript Pro

If you want more components, check out UI for NativeScript Pro. It is an upgrade of UI for NativeScript Free, and offers premium components like Chart and Calendar, as well as support from the same guys that built the components. For more information about it, please check UI for NativeScript product page and get a free Trial from there or from npmjs.

Getting started

For more information on how to use Progress NativeScript UI, please visit the documentation website here

You can also take a look at the SDK samples application which is available on GitHub and contains simple scenarios covering all features of the components in Progress NativeScript UI:

If you prefer to use Progress NativeScript UI with Angular you can also benefit from our dedicated Angular examples here:

Not that this application uses the Progress NativeScript UI Pro plugin as it contains examples of all available components - ListView, SideDrawer, Chart, Calendar, Gauges, DataForm, AutoCompleteTextView.


Progress NativeScript UI Free is licensed under the Telerik End User License Agreement for UI for NativeScript Free.