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Welcome to Progress NativeScript UI Pro

Progress NativeScript Pro UI a suite of rich-UI components targeting the NativeScript platform.

Getting started

For more information on how to use Progress NativeScript UI, please visit the documentation website here

You can also take a look at the SDK samples application which is available on GitHub and contains simple scenarios covering all features of the components in Progress NativeScript UI:

If you prefer to use Progress NativeScript UI with Angular you can also benefit from our dedicated Angular examples here:

Package contains

The suite offers the following components:


  • Different view modes: week, month, year
  • Appointments support
  • Inline events support
  • Selection modes: single, multiple, range
  • Animated transitions between views
  • Styling customizations support


  • 13 chart types
  • Numeric, categorical, date-time axes
  • Styling customizations
  • Interaction: pan & zoom, selection
  • Annotations: line, plot
  • Trackball


DataForm for NativeScript allows you to easily build various fill-in forms such as: registration, login, data entry, etc. The controls takes a data object and automatically displays the appropriate editors for the properties of this object, so that the end-user can set the values of these properties with ease. The features at a glance:

  • Creates data entry forms automatically
  • Support for custom editors
  • Validation rules with feedback messages
  • Different commit modes
  • Collapsible groups
  • Read-only mode


ListView for NativeScript is suitable for virtually every mobile application. It’s native underneath which allows for ultimate performance on both iOS and Android. It’s features will enhance your app in many ways. Here they are:

  • Multiple templates
  • Pull-to-refresh
  • Load-on-demand
  • Swipe cell to execute
  • Header and footer
  • Item animations
  • Wrap and grid layouts
  • Item reorder
  • Styling customizations support through code and CSS


AutoCompleteTextView improves data entry speed and accuracy by triggering auto-completion for text entries. It implements several widely used features like:

  • Filtering modes: Contains, StartsWith
  • AutoComplete tokens
  • Custom suggestions visualization
  • Remote data sources


RadGauge for NativeScript is a highly customizable component that allows you to show the current status of a value within a range of upper and lower bounds, illustrate progress towards a goal or a summary of a fluctuating metric.


  • Different animated transition modes: Fade, Push, Reveal, Reverse Slide Out, Scale Down Pusher, Scale Up, Slide Along, Slide In on Top
  • Ability to appear from all four sides of the screen
  • Support for custom content


The version downloaded from npmjs comes with no support but is free for commercial use. If you need technical assistance from the same guys that built the product and the entire NativeScript framework, you can use our paid support options.