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NativeScript Label widget

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A NativeScript Label widget. This widget takes a different approch from other label components. It is based on nativescript-canvas and allows drawing multiple labels within one single widget. It allows extreme complexity and customization.


Run the following command from the root of your project:

tns plugin add nativescript-canvaslabel

This command automatically installs the necessary files, as well as stores nativescript-canvaslabel as a dependency in your project's package.json file.


It works almost like a normal label. You can create spans, just like with the {N} labels. However there is a big difference with the {N} component. CSpan do not support css class and never will! It was actually made on purpose to make to make the component much more efficient.

For now CanvasLabel do not auto size itself. I will add some way of doing it in the future but in a sense it defies the purpose of this component.

The CanvasLabel component supports most labels properties: color, fontSize,fontFamily,fontStyle, fontWeight,textAlignment. Those can be defined through css.

Now with CanvasLabel you don't set the text directly. Instead you create CSpan or CGroup

Here is a complex Vue layout as an example

<CanvasLabel id="canvaslabel" fontSize="10" color="white" backgroundColor="darkgray">
    <CGroup fontSize="18" verticalAlignment="middle" paddingLeft="20">
        <CSpan :text="item.text1" fontWeight="bold" />
        <CSpan :text="'\n' + item.text2" color="#ccc" fontSize="16" />
    <CGroup fontSize="12" verticalAlignment="bottom" paddingLeft="20" paddingBottom="1">
        <CSpan :text="item.icon1" fontSize="20" color="green" :fontFamily="mdiFontFamily" />
        <CSpan :text="' ' + item.texticon1" verticalTextAlignment="center" />
        <CSpan :text="'   ' + item.icon2" fontSize="20" color="red" :fontFamily="mdiFontFamily" />
        <CSpan :text="' ' + item.texticon2" verticalTextAlignment="center" />
        <CSpan :text="'   ' + item.icon3" fontSize="20" color="yellow" :fontFamily="mdiFontFamily" />
        <CSpan :text="' ' + item.texticon3" verticalTextAlignment="center" />
    <CGroup fontSize="12" verticalAlignment="middle" horizontalAlignment="center" textAlignment="right" paddingRight="20" color="brown" width="60">
        <CSpan :text="item.icon1" fontSize="14" :fontFamily="mdiFontFamily" />
        <CSpan :text="'\n' + item.texticon1" paddingRight="10" />
    <CSpan :text="item.text4" color="lightgray" fontSize="14" textAlignment="right" paddingRight="20" paddingTop="4" />

For full example / doc look at the vue demo and the typings.


CanvasLabel is made to be real fast. It was designed principaly to be used within list views. It uses the technique of drawing the text directly instead of using heavy native text components. That technique is used by many apps looking for the best performances. One of the best examples is Telegram.

TODO / Limitations

  • For now there is no accessibility support (but it should be possible)
  • The label can't size itself. I will add some ways of doing that. But possibly not in the way you are used to.
  • no ellipsize support yet. Will come (this could be a solution)
  • a lot of canvas features can be added like shadows, gradient ...
  • transform supoort should be possible at least for groups and top spans.

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