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A set of utilities to assist developers of tools that build N-API native add-ons.


This module is targeted to developers creating tools that build N-API native add-ons.

It implements a set of functions that aid in determining the N-API version supported by the currently running Node instance and the set of N-API versions against which the N-API native add-on is designed to be built. Other functions determine whether a particular N-API version can be built and can issue console warnings for unsupported N-API versions.

Unlike the modules this code is designed to facilitate building, this module is written entirely in JavaScript.

Quick start

$ npm install napi-build-utils

The module exports a set of functions documented here. For example:

var napiBuildUtils = require('napi-build-utils');
var napiVersion = napiBuildUtils.getNapiVersion(); // N-API version supported by Node, or undefined.

Declaring supported N-API versions

Native modules that are designed to work with N-API must explicitly declare the N-API version(s) against which they are coded to build. This is accomplished by including a binary.napi_versions property in the module's package.json file. For example:

  "napi_versions": [2,3]

In the absence of a need to compile against a specific N-API version, the value 3 is a good choice as this is the N-API version that was supported when N-API left experimental status.

Modules that are built against a specific N-API version will continue to operate indefinitely, even as later versions of N-API are introduced.


If you run into problems or limitations, please file an issue and we'll take a look. Pull requests are also welcome.

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