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nanohref stability

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Tiny href click handler library.


var nanohref = require('nanohref')
// Handler automatically attached to window.document
nanohref(function (location) {
  console.log('new location is', location.pathname)
// Create DOM node
var el = document.createElement('a')
el.setAttribute('href', '/my-link')
el.innerText = 'Click me'
// Trigger click
// => "new location is /my-link"

Ignoring links

By default all href links are handled. The event is not handled under the following conditions:

  • the click event had .preventDefault() called on it
  • the link has a target="_blank" attribute with rel="noopener noreferrer"
  • a modifier key is enabled (e.g. ctrl, alt, shift or meta)
  • the link's href starts with protocol handler such as mailto: or dat:
  • the link points to a different host
  • the link has a download attribute

:warn: Note that we only handle target=_blank if they also have rel="noopener noreferrer" on them. This is needed to properly sandbox web pages. Once noopener becomes more widespread, we can drop noreferrer too (currently just 60% of browsers in use support it).


nanohref(handler(location), [rootNode])

Create a new anchor click handler. The second argument is for the root node, which defaults to window.document.

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