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Watch a directory for file changes. When a (.cfc, .cfm, .xml) file is changed, trigger an mxunit test suite run. Results displayed neatly in the console:

mxunit-watch in action


Requires NodeJS

The guts of this tool are powered by Node, and you'll be installing it from NPM.

npm install -g mxunit-watch

Requires MXUnit Bleeding-Edge Release

I had to submit a small change to MXUnit to get it to offer up the list of tests, but they accepted my pull request, so it's now available in their Bleeding Edge Release. When another official release is published I'll update this readme with the minimum version number, but for now you should know that version 2.1.3 (the latest stable release) is not recent enough. You'll have to download the latest master branch of mxunit.

Add a CFM file to your project

mxunit-watch uses this file to get a listing of all of your test suites and the tests they contain:

    testsDir = expandPath('/your/project/tests');
    componentPath = 'your.project.tests';
    suite = createObject('mxunit.framework.TestSuite');
    files = createObject('mxunit.runner.DirectoryTestSuite').getTests(directory=testsDir, componentPath=componentPath);
    for (i = 1; i <= arrayLen(files); i++){
    tests = suite.suites();
    for (t in tests){
        tests[t] = tests[t].methods;
<cfsetting showdebugoutput="false" />
<cfcontent reset="true" type="application/json; charset=UTF-8" /><cfoutput>#serializeJson(tests)#</cfoutput><cfabort/>

This file is provided in the mxunit-watch repository (test-list.cfm), or you can just copy it from above. Save it to a web-accessible location in your project and note its URL, you'll need that later.

Let's go!

Now that you've installed mxunit-watch and saved your tests-list file. Let's auto-run some tests!

The CLI requires 2 arguments in order to run your tests:

  • -d or --dir should be set to the directory that you want to watch
  • -l or --list should be set to the URL of the test-list file you created
$ mxunit-watch -d /my/project -l http://localhost/my/project/tests/test-list.cfm
Watching for file changes. Get coding!

As the output says, it's now watching for changes. Any time you save a change to a .cfm, .cfc, or .xml file, your entire test suite will run.

Other options

  • -H [hostname] to set the hostname used to run tests
  • -e [list] to set the list of extensions to watch. by default this is cfm,cfc,xml. Specify as a comma separated list of extensions. Example: cfm,xml,cfc,js
  • -h for help
  • -V for version
  • --debug will print out some debug information at startup
  • --save will save your hostname, list and debug settings to a .mxunit-watch file in your watch directory (see below for more information)


You can create an .mxunit-watch file in your watch directory (the -d or --dir option). This can hold your list, host and debug settings.

Simply create a JSON file in the watch directory using the following format:

    "host": "localhost",
    "list": "http://localhost/my/project/tests/test-list.cfm",
    "debug": true,
    "extensions": [
  • host should be the hostname parameter
  • list should be the URL to the list of tests
  • debug can be true or false and indicates whether or not debugging output should appear in the console
  • extensions is an array of extensions to watch

Grunt Task

You can also use this as a Grunt task. Read the Grunt docs if you are unfamiliar with Grunt.

To setup your task, in your Gruntfile.js file add:


and within your grunt.initConfig({...}); block add:

mxunit: {
    options: {
        host: "localhost",
        list: "http://localhost/list-tests.cfm"

You can then run your tests with grunt mxunit

This is compatible with grunt-contrib-watch as well.


watch: {
    mxunit: {
        files: [
        tasks: [ "mxunit" ]

That tells the watch task to watch all *.cfm and *.cfc files for changes, and will run the mxunit task whenever one of those files changes.


npm i mxunit-watch

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