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multi-hashmap package provides a linking between multiple hashmaps and gives a single entity. It gives fast searching mechanism as internally it uses hashmap and its similar to add indexing to database column for quick search.

Getting Started

Why to use

  • Provides faster search on data (similar to database indexing concept).
  • Easy to configure mapped and non mapped dimensions. So, Its internal memory space is optimized.
  • Alternative to browser local database table.


$ npm install --save multi-hashmap


  • Define all the dimensions in the constructor.

new MultiHashMap(dimension1: string, dimension2: string, ...)

  • Define mapped and non mapped dimensions in the constructor (won't find on non mapped keys).

new MultiHashMap([mappedDim1: string, ...], [nonMappedDim1: string, ...])


  • Insert the record

insert(value1: *, value2: *, ...) : void

  • Find the first record.

find(dimension: string, value: *) : Array

  • Find all the records

findAll(dimension: string, value: *) : Array<Array>

  • Get all the records.

getAll() : Array<Array>

  • Remove the record

remove(record: Array) : void


var MultiHashMap = require('multi-hashmap').MultiHashMap;
var players = new MultiHashMap('id', 'firstName', 'lastName', 'sport');
players.insert(1, 'Sachin', 'Tendulkar', 'cricket');
players.insert(2, 'Pusarla', 'Sindhu', 'badminton');
players.insert(3, 'Roger', 'Federer', 'tennis');
players.insert(4, 'Saina', 'Nehwal', 'badminton');
players.find('id', 2) // --> [2, 'Pusarla', 'Sindhu', 'badminton']
players.find('firstName', 'Sachin') // --> [1, 'Sachin', 'Tendulkar', 'cricket']
players.find('sport', 'badminton') // --> [2, 'Pusarla', 'Sindhu', 'badminton']
players.findAll('firstName', 'Sachin') // --> [[1, 'Sachin', 'Tendulkar', 'cricket']]
players.findAll('sport', 'badminton') // --> [[2, 'Pusarla', 'Sindhu', 'badminton'], [4, 'Saina', 'Nehwal', 'badminton']]
players.remove([3, 'Roger', 'Federer', 'tennis']);
players.remove([1, 'Sachin', 'Tendulkar', 'cricket']);
players.getAll() // --> [[2, 'Pusarla', 'Sindhu', 'badminton'], [4, 'Saina', 'Nehwal', 'badminton']]
players.find('id', 3) // --> null
var MultiHashMap = require('multi-hashmap').MultiHashMap;
// id and firstName are mapped dimensions. lastName and sport are non mapped dimensions
var players = new MultiHashMap(['id', 'firstName'], ['lastName', 'sport']);
players.insert(1, 'Sachin', 'Tendulkar', 'cricket');
players.insert(2, 'Pusarla', 'Sindhu', 'badminton');
players.find('id', 2) // --> [2, 'Pusarla', 'Sindhu', 'badminton']
players.find('firstName', 'Sachin') // --> [1, 'Sachin', 'Tendulkar', 'cricket']
players.find('sport', 'badminton') // --> Error: Invalid dimension
players.findAll('sport', 'badminton') // --> Error: Invalid dimension

Benchmarks using benchmark.js

Benchmark: insert 1000 records (each has 10 columns)  x 129 ops/sec ±22.10% (34 runs sampled)
Benchmark: get all 1000 records (each has 10 columns) x 69,918,627 ops/sec ±3.33% (67 runs sampled)
Benchmark: find last record                           x 6,341,050 ops/sec ±2.99% (72 runs sampled)
Benchmark: find first record                          x 30,428,729 ops/sec ±1.42% (73 runs sampled)
Benchmark: find random record                         x 18,452,618 ops/sec ±3.35% (74 runs sampled)
Benchmark: remove random record                       x 12.11 ops/sec ±11.23% (34 runs sampled)

Want to contribute

Check our developer guide to get started. PRs are very much welcome and appreciated.

If you would like to contribute, you can get in touch with me at


This project is available under MIT License

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