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Muddy v0.11.5 HitCount

A Node.js Multi-User Dungeon (MUD) Framework

Current Status:

  • A good amount of basic functionality in place, but still under development.
  • Ability to build onto world while in game partially in place, now can edit items, rooms, and areas.
  • Web-based builder interface partially in place, not very useful just yet but some editing is possible.
  • Basic fighting has now been added, including incapacitated state and natural healing over time!
  • Item stats have been added, and formulas for their effects on fighting and health, mana, move are developed but not implemented


Clone muddy:

  1. git clone

Enter muddy directory and install dependencies:

  1. cd muddy (symbolic, just get in the directory)

  2. npm install

Set up the MySQL database:

  1. Download MySQL and install, if not already installed.

  2. Create a database schema for muddy and import the muddy.sql file.

  3. Create a JSON file called mysql-config.json in the muddy directory with your MySQL info:

  "host"            : "localhost",
  "user"            : "muddy",
  "password"        : "S3cur3UrMuD!",
  "database"        : "muddy"

Start it up!

  1. npm start


  1. telnet localhost 9000

For the web builder, browse to:

  1. http://localhost:7001/

Currently Implemented Commands:

  • alist
  • astat
  • colors
  • commands
  • create
  • dlist
  • down
  • drop
  • dstat
  • east
  • edit
  • equipment
  • get
  • goto
  • look
  • help
  • ilist
  • inventory
  • istat
  • kill
  • mlist
  • mstat
  • north
  • northeast (ne)
  • northwest (nw)
  • put
  • quit
  • remove
  • rlist
  • rstat
  • say
  • save
  • score
  • shutdown
  • south
  • southeast (se)
  • southwest (sw)
  • title
  • up
  • ustat
  • wear
  • west
  • who
  • wield

Latest Changes

  • Added mobile instance and prototype editing in game
  • Ability to create exits in game
  • Added elemental properties to characters
  • Added help and score commands, default help added, many more to do
  • Fixed bugs with capitalization and colors on new character logins
  • Ability to look at item details
  • Ability to edit item instances and prototypes in game
  • Updated database example to match code
  • Decided on equipment stats of accuracy, armor, deflection, dodge, power, and speed
  • Character positions and command restriction by position
  • Basic fighting with incapacitation
  • Natural healing over time periodic update

Planned Track:

  • Web-based user interface that can be enabled/disabled for area development and mobile scripting
  • Full-fledged fight engine with easy to implement modifiers for powerful, yet easy fight customizability
  • Massive, in-game expandable, interactive and dynamic world, with a range of areas, rooms, items, and mobiles
  • Random and wide-ranging item rarities and stats, customization on top of that
  • Advanced mobile scripting capabilities, along with dynamic weather and other periodic events, all customizable
  • Paths and races, each with their unique benefits, deficiencies, and skillsets, again completely customizable



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