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    TypeScript definitions for MSO (Microsoft Office), including definitions for the mso- CSS vendor prefix. Autocompletion and type checking for all known MSO properties and values are provided.

    Install with yarn:

    yarn add msotype

    Or install with npm:

    npm install msotype


    All properties are categorized in different uses and come in two technical variations—JavaScript case (camel) and CSS kebab (case)—to provide typings that suits different needs.


    • Default - Property names in JavaScript (camel) case
    • Hyphen - Property names in CSS (kebab) case

    Alternative & Standard Types

    All of the following interfaces accept an optional, generic argument, to define the <length> value. It defaults to string | 0. You can specify this when using libraries that accepts any numeric value as length which is common in CSS-in-JS libraries like EmotionJS.

    Default Hyphen
    All Properties PropertiesHyphen
    Alternative AlternativeProperties AlternativePropertiesHyphen
    Standard StandardProperties StandardPropertiesHyphen


    • All - Includes Alternative and Standard
    • Alternative - Properties that end with an -alt postfix that are direct alternatives to a standard CSS property
    • Standard - Properties that correspond to a Microsoft Office feature. While these do not have a CSS equivalent, they may or may not have an effect on Microsoft Outlook

    Font Types

    Interfaces with descriptors for different MSO font types.

    Default Hyphen
    All FontProperties FontPropertiesHyphen
    Ansi AnsiProperties AnsiPropertiesHyphen
    Ascii AsciiProperties AsciiropertiesHyphen
    Bidi BidiProperties BidiPropertiesHyphen
    Fareast FareastProperties FareastPropertiesHyphen
    Panose PanoseProperties PanosePropertiesHyphen


    • All - Includes Ansi, Ascii, Bidi, Fareast, and Panose
    • Ansi - Ansi specific font properties
    • Ascii - Ascii specific font properties
    • Bidi - Bidi specific font properties
    • Fareast - Fareast specific font properties
    • Panose - Panose specific font properties

    Using Default Variation

    JavaScript cased (camel) properties are provided in Mso.Properties and Mso.FontProperties.

    import * as Mso from 'msotype';
    const styles: Mso.Properties = {
      msoFontAlt: 'Helvetica',
      msoLineHeightRule: 'exactly',

    Using Hyphen Variation

    Hyphen cased (kebab) properties are provided in Mso.PropertiesHyphen. These not not included by default in Mso.Properties. To allow both of them, you can simply extend with Mso.PropertiesHyphen.

    import * as Mso from 'msotype';
    interface Style extends Mso.Properties, Mso.PropertiesHyphen {}
    const style: Style = {
      'mso-margin-alt': 0,
      msoPaddingAlt: 0,

    This also works with Mso.FontPropertiesHyphen, which can be used to extend Mso.FontProperties.

    import * as Mso from 'msotype';
    interface Style extends Mso.FontProperties, Mso.FontPropertiesHyphen {}
    const style: Style = {
      'mso-ansi-font-size': 'large',
      msoBidiFlag: 'on',

    Overriding <length>

    Length defaults to string | 0. But it's possible to override it using generics.

    import * as Mso from 'msotype';
    const style: Mso.Properties<string | number> = {
      msoMarginAlt: '0px',
      msoPaddingAlt: 0,

    Type Check All CSS Properties

    By default, only mso- CSS vendor prefixes are provided. If you want to type check all CSS properties, you can use msotype together with csstype. To do this, you can simply extend any csstype type with any msotype type.

    import * as Css from 'csstype';
    import * as Mso from 'msotype';
    interface Styles extends Css.Properties, Mso.Properties {}
    const styles: Styles = {
      msoFontAlt: 'Helvetica',
      msoLineHeightRule: 'exactly',
      lineHeight: 1.4,



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