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This is a mongoose plugin for tracking history and differences of your docs.


yarn add mongoose-history-diff
npm i mongoose-history-diff


Add plugin to your schema:

import DiffPlugin from 'mongoose-history-diff';
PostSchema.plugin(DiffPlugin, {
    orderIndependent: true,
    diffCollectionName: 'my_diffs', 

orderIndependent option define whether the order of array elements is important or not. If true then it won't create a new diff. By default false.

diffCollectionName option define the name of collection with diffs. If not provided ${parent_collection_name}_diffs will be used.

Exclude fields

You can exclude document fields from tracking by adding { track_diff: false } property to your field definition inside the schema:

export const PostSchema: MongooseSchema<PostDoc= new mongoose.Schema(
   title: {
     type: String,
   text: {
       type: String,
       track_diff: false,
   authors: [
       name: { type: String }
       lname: { type: String }, track_diff: false },
   timestamps: true,
   collection: 'post',

The _id field is excluded from the tracking by default.

Track diffs

After adding, the plugin will create a diff document with the following shape in a separate collection on every changing of your documents.

    _id: '5c33240bd7cce8cba92030aa',
    dId: '5c25abc9c9a367742cd5341b',
    c : [ 
            p : [ 
            k : 'E',
            l : 'borodaev',
            r : 'Borodayev'
    v: 4,
    createdAt: '2019-01-07T10:03:55.933Z',
    updatedAt: '2019-01-07T10:03:55.933Z',

Important! Plugin creates diffs on a preSave mongoose hook. That's why all methods which directly operates with MongoDB won't invoke creating diff. Also, plugin increment versionKey in your collection after any modification.

Diffs are represented as one or more change records. Change records have the following structure:

  • k - indicates the kind of change; will be one of the following:
    • N - indicates a newly added property/element
    • D - indicates a property/element was deleted
    • E - indicates a property/element was edited
    • A - indicates a change occurred within an array
  • p - the property path
  • l - the value that was (undefined if k === 'N')
  • r - the value that become (undefined if k === 'D')
  • i - when k === 'A', indicates the array index where the change occurred
  • it - when k === 'A', contains a nested change record indicating the change that occurred at the array index

Under the hood, the plugin uses refactored and simplified algorithm of deep-diff package, that is why this plugin has similar structure of changes. You can explore that repo too if you are interested in.


Also, the plugin will add a static diffModel method that returns the model of diff collection.

const Diff = Post.diffModel();

This model contains several static methods as well:

  • findByDocId(_id: ObjectId) - finds all diffs by parent doc _id
  • findAfterVersion(_id: ObjectId, v: number) - finds all diffs by parent doc _id after specific version
  • findBeforeVersion(_id: ObjectId, v: number) - finds all diffs docs by parent doc _id before specific version
  • revertToVersion(doc: Object, v: number) - reverts changes of specific doc to a specific version.
  • mergeDiffs(doc: MongooseDocument) - return all diffs between current doc state and initial doc state.


Feel free to submit a pull request. Also, be sure all tests have passed otherwise pull request won't be merged.



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